Thursday, May 04, 2006


This might sound odd, but I have discovered that I spend More now that I have given up watching TV. What I mean is that I stopped letting stations choose the shows I watch, I actively look for and choose out shows I want to watch. If I like the idea of a show, I download ten episodes. If the show does well, I get ten more. If I think the show is awsome I downloade the season. One of the first things that I have discovered is that I am a total nerd.

But I have spent more for what I like. I may not buy the show, but I buy the stuff about it.

An interesting model would be to have a channel that just allows a person to chose out the different shows the person likes. Keep commercials bried, give the site some non-obtrusive commercials. And then see how much money can be made.

Modelism is about trying to understand complexity, human reaction can fall into it. An example would be Chanel 9. It is only usefull for certain nerds but they might pay for it. Net Neutrality sort of covers this.

I think most channels will change, wrather then have a schedule it will have a downloade station. The newest episode will have a release time.

Sorry just thinking to my self.

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