Monday, May 29, 2006

From MegaTokyo's Dom.... IE Not me.

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A few days ago, Cortana pointed out to me that my poor, neglected was linked by Boingboing, and I said "I'll put that in my checklist of nerdy things that have happened to me." Shortly after I said that, I realized that I'd said nearly the exact same thing at the Magic Pro Tour Qualifier, only in a less flattering conversation with Toby, a good friend and the head judge;

Dom: You know, making top 4 of this tournament may be the nerdiest thing I've ever done.
Toby: Excuse me? You're wearing a Final Fantasy concert t-shirt and someone recognized you both from Jeopardy! and from your webcomic.
Dom: Your point...?
Toby: What's in your backpack, Dom?
Dom: A package.
Toby: Containing what?
Dom: Review materials.
Toby: And you're reviewing what, for who?
Dom: ...manga. For Newtype USA.
Toby: The prosecution rests, your honor!

So I decided, in the wake of these two Nerd Events, to try and figure out what the Nerd List is, and what I have and haven't achieved. Here's my rundown of the various ways in which I have achieved uber-nerditude:

1: Academia
- Graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in "folklore and culture," i.e. comic books and movies
- Wrote scholarly papers on both Barefoot Gen and Warren Ellis' Transmetropolitan
- Participated in the National Spelling Bee
- Appeared on Jeopardy!

2: Comics
- Been made a character in multiple comics
- Have had work published by multiple comic publishers, including Dark Horse and (soon) DC
- Signed autographs at San Diego Comic Con

3: Games
- Have had name listed in the credits of multiple video games
- Have written for GamePro magazine and actually have a right to put "ProTip:" in articles
- Learned Japanese from video games in order to play video games
- Made Top 4 of a Magic Pro Tour Qualifier (next step, play on the Pro Tour, I guess)

4: The Internets
- Have a blog with a large readership (sure, it's attached to a webcomic with a larger readership, but work with me here)
- Have had a page linked by Boingboing
- Have had a page linked by Slashdot

From this list, I have two questions. First, is there anything I should add to that that's reasonably attainable? Second, do I WANT to get even nerdier? I await your answers.

Just realizing how big my list is. And no, the list up there is not mine.

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