Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Just so you know, I am getting over a bad case of Pink Eye. Which meant staying at home for long periods of yesterday. I slept all yesterday, I should have done the same thing Sunday.

So I am being really happy today. I can actually see, and bright lights are not causing agonizing pain.

Because of all this, I have gone over kill with the videos.

Super Mario 64 Beta Video in French no less.

How about Final Fantasy 64 Beta. It appears that the video for google doesn't work well. The information part has a thing to downloade it. Try that.

The Zelda 64 Beta went through many changes. That last one also has other beta videos.

Of course the Zelda for Gamecube changed as well.

Zelda just turned 20 by the way.

And here

I will probably be posting a lot more videos next week. E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is happening then, and I intend to follow it.

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