Thursday, May 04, 2006

Terrorists Play VideoGames

I was expecting something like this to happen. Heck, I even knew what game it would be from. A videogame can be used as a form of media. It can be used to promote ideals. Most games are built with the idea of creating base emotional reactions.

Honestly, this will be pooh poohed by the game media. They will say thats its another attempt to denigrate videogames. The problem is that much of media wants to play a double sided coin. They say its just a game, and then talk about how a videogame can effect someone emotionally. They will also say that games need to become more mature. The truth is the games need to start dealing with reality. Some game creators are working on such ideas.

The best solution for this would be another mod. Have both sides portrayed. I think I already mentioned this so I will be quick. When you start the game you are a civilian, as you play you can decided which side you will be on. The thing is, One side will be our armed forces, the other side will look just like normal civilians. Its an idea, I don't know how much work it would take to create it. But it would finally begin to let videogames face reality. And show how a participatory model works.

New vernacular for Modelis, a Participatory Model, the model is to view humanity so it has humans participate. It could also be called a Documentary Model because it is trying to mimic a reality with human participants and certain guidelines.

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