Monday, August 21, 2006

Brown Shirts

See it is really odd to me that there are now fans of them. I don't think they realize all that the idea of "Brown Shirt" means.

When the fans speak they mean this. But I hear something else.

The truth about the show it that it is much like that. It has all of the heros and such, but I wonder what will happen once everything breaks up. Will this make it better?

The movie sort of doesn't give a lot of answers to questions I have. One of which is this, "Why did the director make 17 year old who has been abused completely, into a sex symbol?" Another is, "How are they doing things under the table, when they can communicate with some one several light years away?"
I like how they dodged the Alien Cultures thought. They just had Earth cultures.
Guns still worked quite well in the movie, kind of a nice touch. But why did it all look similar to our own. If the Reevers are so aggresive, how are they able to get along with each other? Let alone pilot ships? Just a lot of questions.

I liked the movie itself. The story is very cliched. At one point I was waiting for a certain character to die. And he did. I was surprised that Jane lived though.
I expected the girl to show off how powerfull she was on the reevers. And boy did she. Frankly I was hoping that she and the Assasin would go one on one. But the Captain and the Assasin was just as expected.

The entire Universe story sort of falls flat when you realize that the only way for people to leave Earth and reform other planets, would have saved Earth as well.
I guess what I am trying to say is that, if you like these kind of movies, you will enjoy this one. But I think it is time we found some new cliches. And a lot more thought.

As just an odd note. I found it sort of funny that after seeing the movie, we all spoke about Nazism use of symbols. And yet not catch on to Brown Shirts.

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