Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Snide Remarks is Free Again!!!

Eric Snider is one of the first members of the Garren's Comedy Troupe. I have there CD and am a big fan. The big reason for me to go to BYU was to see the Comedy. Ever Since I found out that they disbanded I have had no desire to be at BYU. Ok the thought of BYU has crossed my mind, but with it comes a deep fear that I would not be able to buy Dr.Pepper.
Anyway, the articles I have read are funny, and give a great perspective of Mormon life. Both inside of Utah and Out. I highly recomend reading it. Since he has over 5 years of articles, it will take a while to read all of this.

In other news, I might be updating my Blog so that it has some better index features. So it might be down for a few minutes or something. Just wanted you to know.

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