Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Console Wars Don't matter anymore

The reason for this is that the games industry should be making $44 Billion a year, at the end of this console season. If a group only got a quarter of that amount, they would still be doing well.

Costikyan gives his Opinion Again

To be blunt, this guy is more well known as a Complainer then a videogame maker. It is to the point that he has not made a game in years. He may have a point, or he may be trying for some weird Political Power through gaming

Consoles Newest thing

I really want to play certain Modifications for games on a system. The Wii Mote would be awsome with it.

N64 after 10 years

The story of the Nintendo 64 as told 10 years later.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Skate Park in Yakima

Should be Warned about the F Bomb being dropped near the end

Monday, September 25, 2006

Micro Helicopter

The Red Bull Offices Rock

The Round Ping Pong Table blows my mind.

Ninja's regular life

PlayStation 3 may Kill Sony

It really is an interesting article. When the PlayStation Portable came out I saw a similar trend. The DS was making money. The PSP was losing it. So long as the DS sold a game per system, they would make way more money then the PSP. It was an eary thought. And it seems to be what is causing the downfall of the PSP.
The idea of selling at a loss has been around since the original PlayStation. Sony takes a loss for the first 2 - 2.5 years. The idea is that Games will make you break even. But if the games are putting the publishers at a loss as well, then it means that the more profitable system will win again.
Basically it is very similar to the .Com Industry bubble burst. The companies that where built to make money are still around. They are making quite a bit of money still. The majority of the companies did everything at a loss, expecting to make it back from investors and product sales. But they rarely had a good product to sell. So it burst.
Sony is selling the PS3 at a loss, with the idea that everything inside it will begin to sell well. A Blue Ray drive will help sell Blue-Ray movies. The HDMI cords and HD capabilities will sell TVs. The thing is though, most people will not be buying a HD TV. Blue Ray is competing with Downloadable content - which is much cheaper for everyone involved, and adds the ability to update every program pretty easily- And thus we see that PS3 will be at a loss.
This is a bit sad for me. I do like the Nintendo Systems better, but I realize that the other systems have some great games. I have been hoping that the Nintendo Wii will have emulators for PS2 and PS1 systems, as well as the XBox and Dreamcast. This would be easier for me, having only one system to hook up is quite convenient. And signs point to this happening. Which would make the ability to play PS2 games on the PS3 useless.
Sony can still make money. In fact the PS3 may be able to help them out. The ability to hold a smaller tax for system on the older systems may help them out. Think about it, the contracts with Sony for certain games may still stand. Those products would be easy to manufacture and sell, either online or on disk. Sony makes a profit off of those, Plus Nintendo makes money off the System sales and new games. A win/Win situation.
Will this happen. I have no idea, but it would be convenient for me. I happen to want to play Okami.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

This is an accurate interpretation

Which despot should be destroyed next. We should have used Iraq's Oil Gun on the other countries.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Mods for Games on Consoles

This might not sound too big. But imagine making a game for the Wii using someone elses engine. Pretty cool idea. Now lets see it come out.

PS3 is Price Drop

The PS3 is finally looking like a challenger to the XBox 360.
I was kind of wondering what to do. I happen to really like the Tony Hawk Series, and the next game is not coming out for the Wii.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

White and Nerdy

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A beutiful Wrong

Although he helped begin it, scientists are now showing the reasons why people get along. This is especially perplexing to Game Theorists because they can't figure out why it works this way.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Weird Als Greatest Video

No really do you remember this one on PBS

Pac Man in new shoes

To be honest I had an idea like this a while ago. Good for this person to figure out how to make it.

Dust Storm in Iraq

I think I already posted this. But it is so accurate on what they feel like and stuff. The ones I have seen where blocked by modern suburbia so it wasn't as bad. Though there was a rain cloud over it. This lead to mud falling from the sky. It was so amazing.

Weird All is White and Nerdy

How do I get this as my song for My Space?

Water Motions

This is a very nice showpeice. If this was a program. I would look into it.

Holy Crap this is cool

Kermit is Neo

I wish to point out that the CG here has the Anime effect on.
One of the tough parts about all this updating for the blog is that I have to place videos. I tried to send like 20-30 videos, and so far they have not arrived.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Vote Chris Christmas for the New Santa Claus

Disco Stu Approved!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Some changes Again

I wanted to add the link part. This way, if you click on the "Link" you go to what I posted about. It was only recently discovered that this was not happening. The Blogger people have not updated there info on how to add the link on the cooler templates. So this is very annoying for me.

A Real Life Shooter

This is funny. I have played games like this in the arcades. Pretty dumb really, which is why this game is so funny.

Cooking Mama

My brother had a dream about a game called Cooking Mama. It was for the DS and involved a Mario like character making food. He made a comment about it to me. And I told him that it existed. He was surprised to find out his dream was true.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Steve Wozniaks House is Cool

A nerd with an Awsome house. Who would have expected that?
I wish there was more pictures of this.

I am going to ruin the winner

I hate the film on number one. It is the reason why I don't really care if I watch a lot of Highschool films. It makes everyone feel happy about how much we have in common. In the end the Nerd is bilked by every one into doing the homework. While all these other students where saying, "That is so me." I was thinking the same thing. Only with the idea of revenge.
Lets be honest, most Higshcool flicks are about preppy teens who can't get there heads out of themselves. They never notice other peoples pain or sorrow. And the NERD ENDS UP DOING THE HOMEWORK!!!!
I have seen some of these and liked them. But why on earth hasn't anyone else caught on to the tragedy that is, "The Breakfast Club"

I need this

Yeah, very likely I will travel in time. I have already made plans for it in fact.

My only question is this, "Will I see the great Theodore Logan and Bill S. Preston singing together?"

Every Simpsons Short for the Tracey Ullman show

Who is Tracey Ullman?
I am watching the episodes right now. Quite interesting to watch the characters change over time. Near the end they appear as the characters we would recognise.
It also has the Simpsons games for the NES, Gameboy, and Genesis. I have to say that the Genesis/SNES had some great Simpsons Games. The one that beats it is on my Gamecube. I hope to have the simpsons games soon though

Optical Illusions

Your mind plays tricks on you.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Weird Dragon like Creature

I have no real idea what this was. The Arms and legs are gone. From what I see, it appears to be a giant crow with teeth. But the fur and stuff is just fascinating.
For the moment lets call it Curelom

Thursday, September 07, 2006


I really like this game. Partially because I won the last one. I enjoy the strategy to it. A Sort of quick RISK.

Probably To late

You can get Poser 5 for Free.

Poser 5 lets you pose different characters, and then make some amazing pictures. All shown here show women that have lost clothing. I apologise for that.

Official Seal Generator

Make your own Seal and show it off.

I don't understand it either

A Three Story Steam Powered Mansion, All in the Victorian style, for the burning man concert.

Geek Out HERE

There is a link to show the High Def look of Old Star Trek

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Anime and Real Life

This person went and stalked the reality of an anime. It was based on real places. so they center them. Pretty cool

Brother Recomended: Steam Punk Art

Some beautiful pictures of a movie or something. I am wondering what the Third Reich has to do with anything. They are just recomending that it was the name of Germany the entire time before Hitler.

Brother Recomended

I honestly don't know what this is about.

Seattle when it was really wet

Would the people look any different is the question?

Prototype Houses

Some interesting ideas for setting up a quick house.

Senator Kennedy is angry

He hasn't been strip searched. Who would want to search him?
Interesting how they are using Terrorist searches to find other fellons. Nice maneuver really.

Magic Zilla

I had written Magic Silla, Pero otro personas no comprende Silla y Zilla.
One is a town and the other is a chair.

REally cool site. Lots of tricks to learn and amaze you friends.

The British

Never say Never Attitude

Pluto is now a Dwarf, Not a dog

From what I understand, they where having problems with Pluto anyway. It has a tail, and fits the description of meteor much better then planet. Or that is what NOVA says

CG Talk: Making me feel Inferior since I first went on to it

No really, I am in total aw. And have no way of really competing with these people.

Web-Comics on Videogames

I like em.

Space the Small Frontier

More like Tiny. Very tiny

Ask a Question get a Book

Or at least I think thats what it means

Dakota Demolition

It doesn't need much description.

Pioneers Sang as they Entered Jupiters Orbit

The Big Screen sort of snuck in there. But some Scientists believe that a new form of Physics will have to be used to describe how the Pioneer Space probes changed speed after going beyond Jupiter.

The Immortality Institute

Well that seems like a great plan.

Cool China Bridges

The one of the bridge and then the loop is so Awsome!!!

The people of Helsinki hate that fact that they have a mall

Then why the Smeg do they have 2? They have to have people coming to them to have such a thing happen. And why is it that every person clothing looks like it came from JC Penneys?
Great for a good laugh though.

Some nice Architecture

Once again, I wish I could travel through it on a video game

What Has Changed for Empire Strikes Back

151 things I guess.

Family Guy Clips

The NGA one is the funniest. I guess I should place a warning on the links though. It looks like one is not safe. I have not clicked on it. But don't want to either.

A help for your Blog

Put in the stuff you want and see what you get.

How to Crash Internet Explorer

I guess today there will be an attempt to fill my front pafe with only stuff I posted today.


Falling Water

I have this map. A beautifully done map, with the feeling that someone lives there. I may never get to tour the actual building, but I will know how to maneuver around it. I also know the place to put the TV.

Really this is a great idea for architecture. Mapping was what introduced me to how fun it is. With the level editor, I can walk throuhg a building of my making and see how it really feels. Then add what materials it should have. Very good idea really.

I just posted that I post to much

And what do I do? I add 10 more links. What the heck! I have not even used Stumble yet!!

Sonic ToothBursh

Listen to Sonic Youth while brushing your teeth. No not by ordinary means. By way of your teeth.

I found this link on the Sonic Toothbrush page

Yes, perfect padded bums! Say that Three times fast, now don't get slapped.

Toilet Bowl Resteraunt

If you have eaten some of the authentic foods...

Rocket Video

They strapped a camera on a rocket and let it go.

New Windows Vista Screensavers

Place them in the Screen Saver folder -this is if you have windows- and voila. Really though I have no use for them.

Need a Fast, Sleek, and Silent Borwser

In case you don't want people to know what porn you where looking at.

Smart Moving Buildings

The future never makes sense. No flying cars, but you can send letters and info to total strangers at super speeds. No houses on Mars, but the houses do contract and move like living creatures.

New Art Form Really

Pixel Art is amazing. But when you see stuff like this. You begin to realize that it is becoming an art form unto itself. And a highly profitable one at that.

Very Bad video on Digital Piracy

Proof to us that they have been trying to make Rap cool for white kids for a very long time.

Vista is nearly out

Well really I will probably be getting it at school. At an affordable price of $25. And it will be legal. Something good is finally happening.

Cane Fighting

The really weird part is I already guess all the moves. Jackie Chan movies do that to you.

Alternate Reality Game

Here is her You Tube account. Apparently its videos of a 16 year old Girl that is not. It seems to have been recieving a ton of info and speculation. Some have guessed that this is some kind of hoax. I mean really, popular videos that do not involve porn.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Wii Like Leibzig

The infamous Fran Mirabella III shows us how the Wii plays. Both the Good and Bad is seen. Nice idea really.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Movies Slashed together

Something about Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins is assigned to the red light district in a 3rd world country. Songs and dance soon end when she realizes these children need more then A Spoon Full of Medicine. As she works to regain all that was lost, she realizes what goodness and cruelty truly are.

The Spy Who Knew To Much Ado About Nothing

A man sneaks into a town to find his lost lover. Her daughter is there for revenge.
What no one else knows is that he works for the CIA.

Night of the Living Dead Man Walking
Assigned to death, a man discovers that most of the men with him died long ago.

All the President's Men in Black
The President has been cloned. The Secret Service must now find the real one and save the day. With out anyone knowing what is really happening.

Shall We Dance With Wolves?
A Civil War hero is sent to the Navajo Rez. There he teaches the navajos about ballroom dancing. His love interest has a secret. She is a skinwalker, the wolf that follows him.

Dirty Harry Potter
A young boy is assigned to a school of witchcraft in the US. He soon realizes that the head of the school works for He Who Must Not Be Named. The only choice is to find out who is what, and take on the school with a bloody revenge.

My Best Friend's Four Weddings and a Funeral
Isn't this the same movie?

Many more are on the link. I will update when I can. If you have any ideas for a story, or a new movie name. Email me or something.

This is really nice

This makes my future job look so cool. The big thing to notice is that the y freezed some of the cars during pans. They where just floating in mid-air while the pan was happening. The other is that Clipping for the cars was not active. Because of this one car could become a Thousand. It also helped with the physics not having to worry about running into each other.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Zelda Fluff Documentary

Will this show up on the next game as a "Special Feature"?

Pretty much

'What will your obituary say?' at

More like it

'What will your obituary say?' at

I doubt it.

'What will your obituary say?' at

Friday, September 01, 2006

Some Music for your life

Castlevania has great music.

Drat, The Sundance Equation has been found

How many movies have these cliches? I don't know, but I know how many show up in Movie marathons. I also know how many people actually care.
Lets all sing it together.
"If you divide something by Zero
It ends up being zero."