Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Made by some non industry types. The game looks great and has recieved some great reviews.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Why the De Vince Code is Wrong

I mean besides the fact that the author called the code "Of Venice" which is not Leonardos last name at all. He had no last name and just happened to be from Venice.

Vince not Vinco. Vinco is a wino.

MArio Amusement park

Once again, reality just got weirder.

Monday, May 29, 2006


Fight spam with kittens.

How True

Why My Space is bad. Not because of the network, but because of those who you use it.

Another Famous Star's Blog

Verrily, tis a great one.

Fighting Dinosaurs

Yeah, now you know they didn't just stand there.

Dream Control

Pretty good stuff. No reference to swords being phallic.

No Freaking Way

MC Hamer's Blog.

A great program

This is how I got all of these great sites for today. Except the one about Disney Real Life Videogame.
Stumble first makes you chose out things that you like. A large list is shown. Then every time you press the stumble button, it takes you to a new site. Almost every time I get some great stuff.

Except for the 3-4 videos explaining why Bush is evil. Obviosly he destroyed the Towers. And police officers recording us at a rally is because of Bush. Not because some of the idiot protesters trashed the joint last time.


I was looking at the weird pictures so much. I did not even see the stuff to the left.

Scary and true

Yes, these are the usual stories I heard on my mission. Before you get angry, which you should, I recomend looking again. With in all of this terribleness, something people rarely see. Hope. No, I can't explain it.

Word Origins

Kennedy = Ugly Head

Germans... What won't they create?

I personally want one. I would park it on the top of the school roof. Who is going to argue with me? It would cost the same to move into an apartment, for a year. Water and such would be interesting. But not that difficult.
What a brilliant idea.

Free Form Pac Man

I have gotten to the 8th level.

Linguistics Delight

I am relearning Vietnamise.

Proof that Americans are not the only ones


Invisibility cloak

I think there is already one out there being used.

From MegaTokyo's Dom.... IE Not me.

I don't know how to properly link to this article. It is found here.

The article itself is this

A few days ago, Cortana pointed out to me that my poor, neglected was linked by Boingboing, and I said "I'll put that in my checklist of nerdy things that have happened to me." Shortly after I said that, I realized that I'd said nearly the exact same thing at the Magic Pro Tour Qualifier, only in a less flattering conversation with Toby, a good friend and the head judge;

Dom: You know, making top 4 of this tournament may be the nerdiest thing I've ever done.
Toby: Excuse me? You're wearing a Final Fantasy concert t-shirt and someone recognized you both from Jeopardy! and from your webcomic.
Dom: Your point...?
Toby: What's in your backpack, Dom?
Dom: A package.
Toby: Containing what?
Dom: Review materials.
Toby: And you're reviewing what, for who?
Dom: ...manga. For Newtype USA.
Toby: The prosecution rests, your honor!

So I decided, in the wake of these two Nerd Events, to try and figure out what the Nerd List is, and what I have and haven't achieved. Here's my rundown of the various ways in which I have achieved uber-nerditude:

1: Academia
- Graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in "folklore and culture," i.e. comic books and movies
- Wrote scholarly papers on both Barefoot Gen and Warren Ellis' Transmetropolitan
- Participated in the National Spelling Bee
- Appeared on Jeopardy!

2: Comics
- Been made a character in multiple comics
- Have had work published by multiple comic publishers, including Dark Horse and (soon) DC
- Signed autographs at San Diego Comic Con

3: Games
- Have had name listed in the credits of multiple video games
- Have written for GamePro magazine and actually have a right to put "ProTip:" in articles
- Learned Japanese from video games in order to play video games
- Made Top 4 of a Magic Pro Tour Qualifier (next step, play on the Pro Tour, I guess)

4: The Internets
- Have a blog with a large readership (sure, it's attached to a webcomic with a larger readership, but work with me here)
- Have had a page linked by Boingboing
- Have had a page linked by Slashdot

From this list, I have two questions. First, is there anything I should add to that that's reasonably attainable? Second, do I WANT to get even nerdier? I await your answers.

Just realizing how big my list is. And no, the list up there is not mine.

Real Life Videogame

It seems that more people have created the idea of a real life videogame. And the arcades might be making a comeback. The big thing here is that, yes, a modelist could help in the design. I would first create a version of it on a computer. And then get it replicated in real life.
This would be so much fun.

Way to much Anime

No really, this is brilliant. No more bit torrents. Just full releases of shows we all like.
I found Guu. Did I ever mention how much I loved that show.

Oh and I will be updating a lot today. I got this great program that lets me find all sorts of awsoem sites. And I want to share them with Guu. I mean you. So there will be much updating.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Is the blog back?

odd problems with the internet have caused the blog to go down. Luckily I have very few readers, so I can just email the cool stuff I found.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Cool beats

Oh yeah

Cloud and his normal life

Thursday, May 25, 2006


I fully recomend checking the other pages about Jasper.

Now every day that a fart saves the day.

Metric Conversion

All you got to do is believe. And lo you shall be converted to Metres.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Toaster Museum

Sarah is pretty amazing. She can find websites on Toast.

YEs or No Spiders

Ask a YEs or No question. The spiders will race to see which it is.

Der Gravilux

A great little program for particle physics.

The Cosplay Videogame

Some bored guy made this

Freaks the movie now released on Google

In other news Cows are being abducted. And the only one to stop it is Kamen Rider.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sci-Fi 365

A Sci-Fi story a day. That would be a lot of reading. Pretty cool idea really.

Art about Life with Animals

Where is the life size portrait of Velma? I mean, if they are going to have a showing of Animal Crossing art, shouldn't Velma take center stage?

Animal Crossing is considered a gateway drug by some. Even the guy who runs Nintendo has admitted to such. But it is such an amazing idea for art. To mimic life in a small town so well is pretty impressive. I know, I have lived in several small towns. And this games mimics it very well. Right down to the angry bore who turns out to be pretty nice.


A Band based on Mega Man.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Once again thanks go out to SarahJ.

Real or Fake?

What is most interesting about this picture is the idea behind it. It really seems like a scene from a movie, wrather then a girl posing. Cos play is so interesting.

Pretty Cool

Thanks goes out to SarahJ for such a prize.

Friday, May 19, 2006

I like Science

I was just helping with her Hay Fever problem. I doubt this will go to far with me though.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Animation Book

Here is book two as well.

Cool Anime-ish videos

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I grew up in Idaho

WHERE AS the state of Idaho is one of the coolest states of all times.
WHERE AS Jared Hess represented growing up in Idaho perfectly.
WHERE AS Tater Tots really are tasty, most especially when made fresh 10 miles away.
WHERE AS Idaho has received much acclaim because of Jared Hess’ movie.
WHERE AS I have baked a cake to say hello to girls
WHERE AS This was not the only thing on the list.
WHERE AS If you want to complain about my home state, I would recommend looking at your own and seeing if its better.
WHERE AS TV was invented by an Idahoan.
WHERE AS Idaho actually doesn’t mean anything. It was a made up name for a boat that eventually became the states name
WHERE AS The capital of Idaho was originally Caldwell. The Governor left for some fishing and ran away to Boise.
WHERE AS Boise was quickly named the State capital.
WHERE AS I really liked my highschool cafeteria. They served all sorts of food.
WHERE AS The people of Warshington speak way to freaking fast.
WHERE AS A head nod can be an entire conversation.
WHERE AS We have weeks taken off for hunting season.
WHERE AS The line “Hey Lets shoot something.” Will not be seen as adverse to the school climate.
WHERE AS The teachers might join the students in shooting.
WHERE AS Most Special Forces units have some connection to Idaho.
WHERE AS We would play hide and go seek in a flat open field.
WHERE AS I have to get back to class.
WHERE AS If there needs to be any big laws with in Idaho, Very likely it won't do much good.
WHERE AS If the unlawful are surrounded by other unlawful then we must figure out a way to get them away from each other
WHERE AS the other option is to discover how much ammo the unlwaful really have.
WHERE AS this would mean less fishing.
WHERE AS if there is an unlawful and we make mention of him/her and his/her deeds, the people of Idaho will take care of Him/Her for us.

Many a robot

These people have the top ten robots. How cool is that.

French Power Rangers

Sentai is better

No really it is. My sister likes this video.

Video Games for actual stuff

How would you like to be a Kinkos worker? Does the thrill of ColdStone Creamery chill your mind? Are you running for State Senate in Illinois? Do these sound like videogames you would play? Somebody made them. Forget Madden, they have Howard Dean. The fact that Howard Dean the game and Take Back Illinois is in there makes me thing
There is also a game on non-violent protest. And one built to help kids understand and take on Cancer.
Some of these would be participatory models. And others are to help people understand stuff -from a certain point of view.
I just found another one, It is on Food Drops.

Monday, May 15, 2006


Pretty funny stuff. A doctor that is also a Ninja. He kicks butt and then provides good dental work. Most especially for a Podiatrist. As you can guess the author has a lot of fun at many a thing. I would highly recomend this comic.


It has an accuracy to it.

Its Wii not Wee

No really.

More Trix Rabbit

A question

I like Nintendo. They always seem to endorse the family friendly idea. Because of this I can play Animal Crossing with my entire family. I get less worried about games being released for Nintendo systems because they enjoy making nice games. A good game with no worries.
The problem I see happening with the Wii is very odd. The player can now mimic real life things. It is encouraged in fact. This can mean more interactivity and fun for my friends and family. Such games as Tennis come to mind. The entire family swinging away to get the ball.
But what if it was a cleaver. What if it was a Grand Theft Auto type game with the ability to hurt every one. The mimicing can suddenly become scary. The article I am linking to is the first one to speak about it. One of my big problems with the article is that the seriosness is not taken in by the commentors. One person actually suggests the idea of a Se7en video game where you are the murderer. I will reread his comments to check why he was saying these things. The authors usually bring up good subjects and good insight into them.
A great example of this would be P2P programs. Most P2P programs allow anything a person puts in a certain folder to be downloaded. Because of this illegal pornography over runs the networks. The best thing to do with these programs is to look for a specific thing and then get off the program. Just clicking on random things may leade to a terrible sights that can haunt a person for ever. I remember one video where after just a little bit I wanted to find the people who made it. I had a very strong desire to help the police find this person because of what I saw. If this was all a person heard about, then P2P programs would be illegal. In fact in several court cases, it has been shown that the creators of these programs can be held liable for such content on there networks.
P2P programs are great though. A good example would be Steam. This program was created by Valve Software and is used to distribute several games. I myself have boughten Half Life 2 -an award winning game- using this program. Another would be Google Video and You Tube. The reason for this is from reviews. The videogames and videos are uploaded, the person signs a contract. The information is viewed to see if it can be allowed on the network. If it passes it goes on and every one can view it. If it turns out to be bad, the information is not placed into the network. There is even the possibility of having the information removed later. If I type in Trix Rabbit, I can find the Trix Rabbit.
So it goes with Nintendo. If they are carefull and review everything to make sure. There should not be a problem. If something is not family friendly, then Nintendo simply doesn't back the game. This will keep Nintendo's family friendly feel, and I will be able to play games with out worrying.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


This is the greatest Blog of all time. I highly recomend it to anyone.


Mothers Day


This might sound odd. But I think the You Tube people and Video Google people are brilliant. We provide the videos. We post the videos using You Tubes bandwidth. Yet the y come out ahead because of the free advertising. They only have to maintain bandwidth and review the videos before hand.

Some interesting stuff

Thats Steven Spielberg to the right if your wondering.
The one on the left is Mother Brain from Metroid. Happy Mothers Day!!!
No my mother does not like that Mothers Day picture.

I think he should work on the Animal Crossing Movie.

There is also a rumour that the games displayed for the Nintendo Booth where Dev Kits. Not just Dev Kits but specially built Gamecubes. So what you where seeing was footage from a Gamecube built to pick up the Wii controller. If this is true, then the Wii will make some very amazing games.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Spore is Wow with Tentacles

I guess World of Warcraft will see a large drop soon.

I also see a page for the predator.


So The world just gets weirder.

E3 has a winner

It should be pointed out that Nintendo always gets top spots. The game creators enjoy showing games and talking about making them. This particular one had Miyamoto playing a symphony and a tennis game. The thing you here out of Iwata and Miyamotos mouth is laughter. They enjoy making fun games. The game creators made sure to show that they where playing the game while presenting it. Some of the graphics where not so great. It was later discovered that one of these games was playing on an old Gamecube system, it was specially modified for the controller.
Nintendo had another conference. It showed the new Super Smash Bros. game. This and one other game was not playable at the Nintendo Booth. All the others where there. It was actually surprising. Nintendo let the games speak for themselves, and didn't even talk about most of the games coming out this year. Even if the game was big news it was not talked about. Like the new Super Mario Platformer for Gamecube.

Sony had a great show. Lots of speaches, but there was some cool parts. They have some cool stuff for the Eye toy coming out. It was a card game that had rendered characters. You showed the cards, the eyetoy would read the bar code on it, and a character would be displayed on screen over the card. If you tapped the card the character would fight. They also showed a nice version of Gran Turismo. The biggest news was the new controller design. It was a regular PS2 controller with an accelerometer in it. This meant you could control a game by just moving the controller. It was very obviously copying Nintendo. Really though, they saw a good idea and used it. The presentation of Warhawk with the controller was intriguing. On the other hand, they said the number $599 for PS3.

The Microsoft show was pretty much the most organized. They showed some amazing games and proved they where still in power. By this weird coincidence, A super bloody first person shooter was shown, and then a cute and lovable game about pinatas. They showed both Xbox 360 and PC games, the big ones being Fable 2 and Crysis. Crysis was very beautiful. Bill Gates made an appearence, and announced that the PC, Xbox360, and cell phones will all be connectable. There will be an online version for PC of what Xbox360 now has. So the ability to downloade games through Windows Vista is intriguing. And Grand Theft Auto 4 will be released for the Xbox 360 first. Once again, GTA, Bloody Super Real FPS, and a Pinata game. Oh and Halo 3 was shown.

So it was a toss up between the Microsoft and Nintendo shows. The thing that gave Nintendo the edge was how they kept presenting right onto the booths. And the presentation was the games them selves.

An honorable mention goes out to Will Wright with his Spore game. He had special guest Robyn Williams. Thats right folks Spore was presented. Man I am looking forward to that game.

Added note:
I hope to someday work with Mr. Williams. He is one of the greatest comedians that has ever lived. That would be a cool movie, Spore starring Robyn Williams.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Zelda and Link

E3 has cities

After reading some stuff about this, I guess the booths are much quieter this year. The years before had scantily clad girls and earsplitting music everywhere. It looks like the booths are the size of some Towns I have lived in. Jam packed with people it is any wonder that such is real. Some famous gamers also show up. Will Wright is so awsome.

I have a problem with being in crowds, so it would probably be some kind of night mare for me. The funnest thing in the world for me surrounded by my worst fear.

I am very happy to observe E3 from here for the moment.

This is a booth

No REally

The greatest

No REally

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

E3 greatness

The greatest E3 video for this year is here. I have watched every video I could. This one has won.

The answers to the questions asked are such, Yes. Probably. I understand there was a lot of begging.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


When my brother was living in Germany, he took a picture of himself kicking two things. The first was the Berlin Wall. The Second, the first brick laid down for the VolksWagon factory.

The company was started as a national sign of perfection. Hitler placed the first brick. Since then VolksWagon has been owned by hippies. Odd huh.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Machiko Soga died

I feel saddened to mention that Machiko Soga has passed away recently. She played Bangora/Rita Repulsa in Sentai/Power Rangers.

Some where, there is a bright neon sign that says Machiko Soga Palace.


I mean um Cookie!

More Robot Battles

Here is a sight following the robot battles in Japan.

You will have to translate this. Luckily they have a link to do such. Get ready for Engrish.

Some videos are posted here. Click on the links beneath it. And then Watch Robots Rumble.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

CBS goes internet video

Innertube is CBS attempt to get on the internet video bandwagon. If you like Survivor, this might be good. The first thing that popped up for me was an interview with a Survivor Cast member. I'm not into survivor so It's not that impresive.

I also noticed that CBS has been screwing around with NCIS on video google. I wanted to watch a bunch of episodes. Suddenly there are 2. Hopefully this will be solved soon.

Shock Knife

A new device hit the market. A shock knife. It mimics the feel and use of a real knife, but won't actually Stab or Cut anyone.

This could make an interesting model. If there was a toned down version, I can think of people that would use it for paintball. The idea can be expanded though.

An interesting thing for a modelist is that I may be able to use Entertainment as a way to make models. Lets say I had an area picked out for a war-fare model. I pick out weapons that will not kill, but hurt alot. Give them as realistic a feel as possible. Who would sign up to be in this? I could charge money for this, wrather then pay money. And my analyzation can go on with out anyone realizing science is going on.


The Will Wright- Sim City Guy- is a Genius. The Game Spore is amazing.
Check out his introduction to it.

This is the speach he introduced it in.

Here is some updated stuff on it

E3 is starting on Monday. Spore should be making an appearence. So I pretty much already know what a certain $50 is going to be buying with in this year.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Technology and games.

I was just wondering what kind of game would combine these two videos. Just think.

I should release my idea of that on a PodCast.

E3 Cartoon

The Triangle man, The Triangle!

Also, New Mexico really is like that. I probably know the guys that would try what happens in the cartoon.

Mario is Awsome

A new SideScrolling Mario Borthers.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Terrorists Play VideoGames

I was expecting something like this to happen. Heck, I even knew what game it would be from. A videogame can be used as a form of media. It can be used to promote ideals. Most games are built with the idea of creating base emotional reactions.

Honestly, this will be pooh poohed by the game media. They will say thats its another attempt to denigrate videogames. The problem is that much of media wants to play a double sided coin. They say its just a game, and then talk about how a videogame can effect someone emotionally. They will also say that games need to become more mature. The truth is the games need to start dealing with reality. Some game creators are working on such ideas.

The best solution for this would be another mod. Have both sides portrayed. I think I already mentioned this so I will be quick. When you start the game you are a civilian, as you play you can decided which side you will be on. The thing is, One side will be our armed forces, the other side will look just like normal civilians. Its an idea, I don't know how much work it would take to create it. But it would finally begin to let videogames face reality. And show how a participatory model works.

New vernacular for Modelis, a Participatory Model, the model is to view humanity so it has humans participate. It could also be called a Documentary Model because it is trying to mimic a reality with human participants and certain guidelines.


This might sound odd, but I have discovered that I spend More now that I have given up watching TV. What I mean is that I stopped letting stations choose the shows I watch, I actively look for and choose out shows I want to watch. If I like the idea of a show, I download ten episodes. If the show does well, I get ten more. If I think the show is awsome I downloade the season. One of the first things that I have discovered is that I am a total nerd.

But I have spent more for what I like. I may not buy the show, but I buy the stuff about it.

An interesting model would be to have a channel that just allows a person to chose out the different shows the person likes. Keep commercials bried, give the site some non-obtrusive commercials. And then see how much money can be made.

Modelism is about trying to understand complexity, human reaction can fall into it. An example would be Chanel 9. It is only usefull for certain nerds but they might pay for it. Net Neutrality sort of covers this.

I think most channels will change, wrather then have a schedule it will have a downloade station. The newest episode will have a release time.

Sorry just thinking to my self.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mr Stain

No I can't quite explain this. But it seems like a fun enough show. Well a family show about a homeless man that takes on magical powers. And the many highjinks because of this. Makes me want to get at least one episode.

An interesting commentary on all things Wii.

Well I got good news
And bad news.

I happen to own Oblivion and was enjoying it. Now I have to figure out what I should do. I can't find the article, the person who opened it up said he was freeing women from the bra. This of course is male chauvenist pig for, I want women to think that boobs should be seen more often. He proved it very well.

How Stuff Works has an article about Parkour. It comes with videos. And some great pictures.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Just so you know, I am getting over a bad case of Pink Eye. Which meant staying at home for long periods of yesterday. I slept all yesterday, I should have done the same thing Sunday.

So I am being really happy today. I can actually see, and bright lights are not causing agonizing pain.

Because of all this, I have gone over kill with the videos.

Super Mario 64 Beta Video in French no less.

How about Final Fantasy 64 Beta. It appears that the video for google doesn't work well. The information part has a thing to downloade it. Try that.

The Zelda 64 Beta went through many changes. That last one also has other beta videos.

Of course the Zelda for Gamecube changed as well.

Zelda just turned 20 by the way.

And here

I will probably be posting a lot more videos next week. E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is happening then, and I intend to follow it.

On the XBox no less.

Make sure to watch the videos. I doubt its the secret, but it is a great idea for future gaming.

There is also the theory of Homebrew. But I think they already talked about it. What ever the secret is, no one is expecting it.

I am in to Parkour.

This video happens to be from a video I like. Only with better sound effects.

If a game of Parkour where to be made. IT would have to be based on Super MArio 64, because it is the only comparable thing.

Check out this Hologram. Check out this link.


Monday, May 01, 2006

Now completely true!