Monday, May 15, 2006

A question

I like Nintendo. They always seem to endorse the family friendly idea. Because of this I can play Animal Crossing with my entire family. I get less worried about games being released for Nintendo systems because they enjoy making nice games. A good game with no worries.
The problem I see happening with the Wii is very odd. The player can now mimic real life things. It is encouraged in fact. This can mean more interactivity and fun for my friends and family. Such games as Tennis come to mind. The entire family swinging away to get the ball.
But what if it was a cleaver. What if it was a Grand Theft Auto type game with the ability to hurt every one. The mimicing can suddenly become scary. The article I am linking to is the first one to speak about it. One of my big problems with the article is that the seriosness is not taken in by the commentors. One person actually suggests the idea of a Se7en video game where you are the murderer. I will reread his comments to check why he was saying these things. The authors usually bring up good subjects and good insight into them.
A great example of this would be P2P programs. Most P2P programs allow anything a person puts in a certain folder to be downloaded. Because of this illegal pornography over runs the networks. The best thing to do with these programs is to look for a specific thing and then get off the program. Just clicking on random things may leade to a terrible sights that can haunt a person for ever. I remember one video where after just a little bit I wanted to find the people who made it. I had a very strong desire to help the police find this person because of what I saw. If this was all a person heard about, then P2P programs would be illegal. In fact in several court cases, it has been shown that the creators of these programs can be held liable for such content on there networks.
P2P programs are great though. A good example would be Steam. This program was created by Valve Software and is used to distribute several games. I myself have boughten Half Life 2 -an award winning game- using this program. Another would be Google Video and You Tube. The reason for this is from reviews. The videogames and videos are uploaded, the person signs a contract. The information is viewed to see if it can be allowed on the network. If it passes it goes on and every one can view it. If it turns out to be bad, the information is not placed into the network. There is even the possibility of having the information removed later. If I type in Trix Rabbit, I can find the Trix Rabbit.
So it goes with Nintendo. If they are carefull and review everything to make sure. There should not be a problem. If something is not family friendly, then Nintendo simply doesn't back the game. This will keep Nintendo's family friendly feel, and I will be able to play games with out worrying.

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