Friday, December 29, 2006

The Blogger Republic

Very interesting article. It analyzes -in a pro republican and pro bloggers way- the times of bloggers. It also notes how the war we are in is very much a media war. Reporters are screwing up -keep in mind that reporters are human- but some seem to making even worse mistakes.

I don't quite know what to think on the matter.

Saddam is dead. I will go party now.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Scum or Bastards

The French have a very strange society. They are very nationalistic. The thing is, no one can figure out why. Every time they get too nationalistic, the Germans kick there Butts. True the German and French now have the same army in the EU. But then why do the French treat foreigners so badly.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Houdini: Magician, Detective, Spy

I can't figure out where the spy part lands here though. The evidence for Houdini being a crime stopper is very interesting, it would make some great spy movies.

Dominoes rules

Not as cool as the Japanese Domninos. But in there American sense they are pretty dang amazing.

Should I add an s there or not.

Friday, October 27, 2006

I want this movie

As you can see, one of the best animations ever made. Why do people try so hard to be dark or scary, when such things as this show far more.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fantasy Congress

I don't get fantasy football. I mean, make up your own team? Now a congressional team I can understand. I would play this game, in fact it would be my obsession. I have too much homework. And when not doing homework, I think about the homework I will be doing. And when not doing either of those, I am sleeping.

Look at the happy people playing PS3

Anyone else notice that they seem to be trying to smile. It is really weird trying to find a good thing for this system. It has 4 players finally, it has a lot more space for games. And it is the next coffee table. My opinion is for the Wii of course. But it seems this bit of advertising is trying to mimic the Wii advertising, but isn't working.
Watching a model trying to look cool while playing, and then suddenly give in because he is having to much fun, as compared to the PS3 having a model try to seem cool and like he is having fun, and not really having fun. Kind of odd.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hand Signals

What the army uses. Where is "Shut up I am on the phone!"

Monday, October 23, 2006

The color of Games

It is true Quake had a fairly greay and brown motif. It worked pretty well for that game. So why is it that so many games are Grey and Brown now? This is especially odd since the new games can allow so many more colors, but are still just using Grey and Brown.
Joystiq has pointed out that Nintendo makes sure to use as many colors as possible. So it is an interesting thing.
I guess what is happening is that these companies want to seem dark and gritty. Because of this they slowly become the same game, even if it is Halo and Tony Hawk Pro Skater.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Free Sidescroller game

This wouldn't be to big, but it is adjustable. And people have added every level in mario brothers. And then let Godzilla be the main character. No really, its weird. And worth the download for just that.

Tuan once asked a questions about this

A videogame hooked up to a excercise machine. Now that I see this idea, I can think of several other cool ideas for workout videogames.

Roller Coaster Tycoon madness

2 German guys play Wario Ware while in air

I must send this one to mein brudder

Thursday, October 19, 2006

61 for an Oscar

And most of these countries would be willing to commit assasinations. This should be some kind of videogame or movie in and of itself.

Take off and landing

Several times in this video, the camera takes off and goes back to the planet. The game this is going to will take up about 5 GB, but it will be seamless between worlds. Amazing huh?

Combat simulation for a game. It seems to have a very small amount of people making it. And the people making it are doing it for free at the moment. A space MMO that lets planets be as big as they should be.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Interview with Dave Barry being Serious

To be honest, this is one of the most intelligent interviews I have ever read. Dave gives some amazing comments and reasons why he does things. And The interviewer simply lets him speak.
This is the first time I have read an interview with an Independent -technically a Liberterian- that is not trying to make the world into a really weird utopia.
This is the first time I have read a comment against Vietnam that made sense.
Dave Barry is such a national treasure. No really, I am that amazed.

Algorythms Rule!!!

The game Spore will be much smaller in size then any game out there. The same game will cover far more then any other game out there. From Protozoa to Alien abduction and everything in between and beyond.
So the question comes up, do we really need all these big disks when it turns out that we could make our programs smaller and better with ease.

Profesor Layton interview

It is a videogame. Originally it was going to be a brain training type game with puzzles. One of the creators has made puzzles his entire life, and is famous for this.
When Brain Training came out they decided to create a game with a story, so as not to compete. A very fun game with a story and puzzles in mind. Sounds fun.

The only problem with some puzzles is that once you learn them, they are not fun anymore. This is why Tetris is so big. It is a coninuosly changing puzzle.

Hip Hop Hoodios

I should point out that this is going to be some over the top humour. There will be an appearence of women with bagels on them selves.

Nerf Sniper Rifle

That could be the begining of the end for the Nerf wars. I mean really, the next one will have to be the Nerf tank and the Nerf Atomic Bomb

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Foxtrot Sudoku

I have actually been trying to play this game. Does this make me as big a dork?

I have you now

First Time Machine

Yes, We will

A very bad video

Will the Swedes stop at nothing until they have ruined everything!!

TotoKeke has been in other games

It seems that a certain song has been around for over 10 years. And that it appears in every game the music writer has made.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Good Advice.. Warning Language

IT's Chris Rock. You where expecting something else?

It is accurate for white people too.

Europe in less then 6 minutes

I must see Copehhagen.... Have I seen copenhagen? I can't remember

They actually think these kids can afford a PS3

They livein apartment complexes yet are the only ones on the roof. Maybe because the rest of the kids are waiting for the Wii. A nice comercial, but it doesn't make sense.


I still can't seem to find Moe's Tavern. Just such a big town. This would be a great videogame though.

I already posted this... Who cares

From Average to Beautiful

Doesn't the music sound familiar?

I realize that this is being placed by people who want to seem atractive. But hey cool video anyway.


It all makes sense now

James Bond is German!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ghost Houses

It seems my mother hates scary things. She says that they are evil. Yet she allows Ghost Whisperer to be seen every week.
Why you might ask. Because Ghost Whisperer has a happy ending - even though every religion believes that the woman doing this is probably not talking to the dead. I mean really think about it. A cute little girl is destroying the house she once lived in. And then shows up all happy. It is incredibly stupid to think that this woman is helping anyone by speaking for the dead. Especially if these dead want to terrorize. Not very nice dead I would think. Who would want to talk to those Gits. They torture others until this woman shows up. Then everything ends happily. Yeah right.

And this is the funny part. I watch shows about similar subjects, only they say it is a bad idea. And my mom calls them evil. Which is more evil. A tale saying "This is a really bad idea!" or a show that says, "The Demons just want to be loved!"

Even funnier is that my parents now say that we can't watch The Simpsons, but we can watch a show about a woman talking to Demons. Why can't we watch The Simpsons? They say the show brings a bad influence.

It is an incredible trick really. There are other shows on the same subject. Yet they usually have creepy endings. Because the show has a happy ending, people think it is ok to watch.

There is no imagination. This is not Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings this is a lady who talks to Demons. A big difference. This isn't even Teh Sixth Sense, the only person being bothered by the dead is the little boy. No one else sees or senses them. And the reality is that most are very nice, just cofused. The Ghosts in The Ghost Whisperer purposefully harm peoples lives. They try to scare off, or kill, anyone that gets in there way. There is even one about a guy being tortured by a demon.
The shows end happily so they must be ok. There for I can't watch a scary movie - this means satanism- but I can watch a woman conjuring up the dead and speaking for them.

In other news, I happen to really like Haloween. I have liked it since I was a kid. And the whole scary stuff is part of the fun. So Ghost Houses and such are a lot of fun. I was looking forward to watching some scary movies and talking about Wether or not my old High School is haunted. But I try to stay away from the bad stuff as best I can. So this whole Ghost Whisperer thing is causing a downer.

The Rockwell Retroincubaltor

Saturday, October 14, 2006


IT appears that Heroin can do more then we think.
This 27 year old woman is addicted to HEroin and it is eating her alive.

Friday, October 13, 2006

The Website for the Gunslinger Girl video

By shere coincidence the show is called... Gunslinger Girl. It is about little girls that are also hitmen. Blood and school girls everywhere.
I have to say that this will be recorded as the greatest Anime ever. They will have achieved every goal they ever wanted with this one. So long as there are mechs that is.

Titanic II

I ever talk about my idea for the movie Titanic III. I might get a chance. To be honest this is a pretty good trailer. Well done editing. And some pretty good shots.

I could never do this

Too big in the first place

Kitten Makes New Age Music

Explains a lot really

Rejected Wii Games

Be careful with the site itself.

The OBGYN game seems interesting honestly.

Who would make these games though?

Mike Brought his Gun

Every Body needs one of these

Just walking along with one of these babies. Who the heck will mess with me? I mean really, Who? Do they really want to find out what will happen. No need for a gun.

Girls And Guns

A lot of Bullets

Good To Know


Explosion in water

My guess would be 100 feet under

This is huge

We are now that much closer to cellular rebuilding. Think on it this way. LEts say we have something with a lot of mass. You can then take the atoms, rebuild them into another element, and make them form something. Like a wall. Some day a ham sandwich.

All of this will be controlled by computers. These designs will be based on models I built... Or that is the dream anyway.

Conspiracy Theory

This is interesting. A conspiracy theory on the NEWS it self. As in, the members of the press "Wagged the Dog". I think this is a first for someone saying this. I guess this is to be expected since the NEWS is becoming a major political power.
I guess it should be pointed out that fake NEWS is not new. The battle of Wounded Knee had several reporters lying through there teeth on the matter. But that info came from historians, not the people observing the NEWS. Very strange.
Oh yeah, the guy writing this article is a British Tory. So give up any idea on blaming this one on your least beloved party.

Nice Octoids

I think it is both funny and interesting.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

This is not Spam

A New York Times journalist found out about free international phone calls. No signup or anything. Pick up the phone you own, dial to the company in Iowa- sorry for that long distance call- and when they ask for the even longer distance number, dial it. Voila! Frei phone call.
This means my family can call quite a few people that need to be called. Like the pizza delivery service in France. Order a pizza for some random stranger. It's not like they will catch on to who did it.
Did I mention that if you act like a real Jerk. The delivery guy will throw in obscenities and other such items.

Punch ME

IT's the name of the freaking game. Keep in mind that I will punch you back if you punch me.

Nintendo Pre-80s

Stuff that Nintendo sold while waiting to become a Videogame giant.

Utah Rappers

Yes, that is a panty shot. Very likely they are all members. Yes that means brownies will be at the table at the concerts.

Jared Jakeman's Clone

Once again, the smile reveals him.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Noin is nine. I think.
Anyway, my little brother and I found some cool videos of this. So it would be cool to see more.

I didn't really watch this stuff as a kid

But the shere comedy is apparent.

Google now has docs

A new thing by google. Now that they control You Tube why shouldn't they run documents as well.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Swallow Your Soul

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Video Game Box Art

The evolution of box art. Donkey Kong is odd.

Got Frag

Frankly my dear I don't care. No really, I had this great game that wasn't any fun once I got faster internet. I don't even know why.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Wii Design

What the creators of the Wii where thinking. I really want to make games for this system.

Buena Vista Social Club

A very good video. I wish I could post the entire thing.

The scenes of Cuba remind me of all of these stories I was told by a family I taught. They where a family that we visited when we worked to hard and needed some water. Stories of Cuba of course came up. And I had to imagine this strange land. And with these videos I can see it. With some absolutely beautiful music.

I guess I should add that this was in my Spanish class. So I understand what they are saying mostly. When I got confused I would look down at the Subtitles. Accaisionally they became a crutch I needed to stop using, and other times they helped me understand something even better.
The guy with the cigar is my favorite character. I like his car.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Pictures of the Job Test for Several Chains

I got sick of it. Seeing all these dumb questions. And no way for me to actually respond. I want a job not a psyche evaluation.

So with out further ado.

IF your not Mormon you won't get this

A song about Fast and Testimony meeting. So true.

Note the Add


Really with the article about PS2 killing the PS3, and that most peoples thoughts are similar to this. I would say PS3 needs a lot of help

PS2 might kill PS3

I realize its a Sunday. But this is a pretty good article. And it is very true.
I like the videos for the PS3, they seem amazing. But they are not the type of games I would play.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Console Wars Don't matter anymore

The reason for this is that the games industry should be making $44 Billion a year, at the end of this console season. If a group only got a quarter of that amount, they would still be doing well.

Costikyan gives his Opinion Again

To be blunt, this guy is more well known as a Complainer then a videogame maker. It is to the point that he has not made a game in years. He may have a point, or he may be trying for some weird Political Power through gaming

Consoles Newest thing

I really want to play certain Modifications for games on a system. The Wii Mote would be awsome with it.

N64 after 10 years

The story of the Nintendo 64 as told 10 years later.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Skate Park in Yakima

Should be Warned about the F Bomb being dropped near the end

Monday, September 25, 2006

Micro Helicopter

The Red Bull Offices Rock

The Round Ping Pong Table blows my mind.

Ninja's regular life

PlayStation 3 may Kill Sony

It really is an interesting article. When the PlayStation Portable came out I saw a similar trend. The DS was making money. The PSP was losing it. So long as the DS sold a game per system, they would make way more money then the PSP. It was an eary thought. And it seems to be what is causing the downfall of the PSP.
The idea of selling at a loss has been around since the original PlayStation. Sony takes a loss for the first 2 - 2.5 years. The idea is that Games will make you break even. But if the games are putting the publishers at a loss as well, then it means that the more profitable system will win again.
Basically it is very similar to the .Com Industry bubble burst. The companies that where built to make money are still around. They are making quite a bit of money still. The majority of the companies did everything at a loss, expecting to make it back from investors and product sales. But they rarely had a good product to sell. So it burst.
Sony is selling the PS3 at a loss, with the idea that everything inside it will begin to sell well. A Blue Ray drive will help sell Blue-Ray movies. The HDMI cords and HD capabilities will sell TVs. The thing is though, most people will not be buying a HD TV. Blue Ray is competing with Downloadable content - which is much cheaper for everyone involved, and adds the ability to update every program pretty easily- And thus we see that PS3 will be at a loss.
This is a bit sad for me. I do like the Nintendo Systems better, but I realize that the other systems have some great games. I have been hoping that the Nintendo Wii will have emulators for PS2 and PS1 systems, as well as the XBox and Dreamcast. This would be easier for me, having only one system to hook up is quite convenient. And signs point to this happening. Which would make the ability to play PS2 games on the PS3 useless.
Sony can still make money. In fact the PS3 may be able to help them out. The ability to hold a smaller tax for system on the older systems may help them out. Think about it, the contracts with Sony for certain games may still stand. Those products would be easy to manufacture and sell, either online or on disk. Sony makes a profit off of those, Plus Nintendo makes money off the System sales and new games. A win/Win situation.
Will this happen. I have no idea, but it would be convenient for me. I happen to want to play Okami.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

This is an accurate interpretation

Which despot should be destroyed next. We should have used Iraq's Oil Gun on the other countries.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Mods for Games on Consoles

This might not sound too big. But imagine making a game for the Wii using someone elses engine. Pretty cool idea. Now lets see it come out.

PS3 is Price Drop

The PS3 is finally looking like a challenger to the XBox 360.
I was kind of wondering what to do. I happen to really like the Tony Hawk Series, and the next game is not coming out for the Wii.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

White and Nerdy

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A beutiful Wrong

Although he helped begin it, scientists are now showing the reasons why people get along. This is especially perplexing to Game Theorists because they can't figure out why it works this way.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Weird Als Greatest Video

No really do you remember this one on PBS

Pac Man in new shoes

To be honest I had an idea like this a while ago. Good for this person to figure out how to make it.

Dust Storm in Iraq

I think I already posted this. But it is so accurate on what they feel like and stuff. The ones I have seen where blocked by modern suburbia so it wasn't as bad. Though there was a rain cloud over it. This lead to mud falling from the sky. It was so amazing.

Weird All is White and Nerdy

How do I get this as my song for My Space?

Water Motions

This is a very nice showpeice. If this was a program. I would look into it.

Holy Crap this is cool

Kermit is Neo

I wish to point out that the CG here has the Anime effect on.
One of the tough parts about all this updating for the blog is that I have to place videos. I tried to send like 20-30 videos, and so far they have not arrived.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Vote Chris Christmas for the New Santa Claus

Disco Stu Approved!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Some changes Again

I wanted to add the link part. This way, if you click on the "Link" you go to what I posted about. It was only recently discovered that this was not happening. The Blogger people have not updated there info on how to add the link on the cooler templates. So this is very annoying for me.

A Real Life Shooter

This is funny. I have played games like this in the arcades. Pretty dumb really, which is why this game is so funny.

Cooking Mama

My brother had a dream about a game called Cooking Mama. It was for the DS and involved a Mario like character making food. He made a comment about it to me. And I told him that it existed. He was surprised to find out his dream was true.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Steve Wozniaks House is Cool

A nerd with an Awsome house. Who would have expected that?
I wish there was more pictures of this.

I am going to ruin the winner

I hate the film on number one. It is the reason why I don't really care if I watch a lot of Highschool films. It makes everyone feel happy about how much we have in common. In the end the Nerd is bilked by every one into doing the homework. While all these other students where saying, "That is so me." I was thinking the same thing. Only with the idea of revenge.
Lets be honest, most Higshcool flicks are about preppy teens who can't get there heads out of themselves. They never notice other peoples pain or sorrow. And the NERD ENDS UP DOING THE HOMEWORK!!!!
I have seen some of these and liked them. But why on earth hasn't anyone else caught on to the tragedy that is, "The Breakfast Club"

I need this

Yeah, very likely I will travel in time. I have already made plans for it in fact.

My only question is this, "Will I see the great Theodore Logan and Bill S. Preston singing together?"

Every Simpsons Short for the Tracey Ullman show

Who is Tracey Ullman?
I am watching the episodes right now. Quite interesting to watch the characters change over time. Near the end they appear as the characters we would recognise.
It also has the Simpsons games for the NES, Gameboy, and Genesis. I have to say that the Genesis/SNES had some great Simpsons Games. The one that beats it is on my Gamecube. I hope to have the simpsons games soon though

Optical Illusions

Your mind plays tricks on you.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Weird Dragon like Creature

I have no real idea what this was. The Arms and legs are gone. From what I see, it appears to be a giant crow with teeth. But the fur and stuff is just fascinating.
For the moment lets call it Curelom

Thursday, September 07, 2006


I really like this game. Partially because I won the last one. I enjoy the strategy to it. A Sort of quick RISK.

Probably To late

You can get Poser 5 for Free.

Poser 5 lets you pose different characters, and then make some amazing pictures. All shown here show women that have lost clothing. I apologise for that.

Official Seal Generator

Make your own Seal and show it off.

I don't understand it either

A Three Story Steam Powered Mansion, All in the Victorian style, for the burning man concert.

Geek Out HERE

There is a link to show the High Def look of Old Star Trek

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Anime and Real Life

This person went and stalked the reality of an anime. It was based on real places. so they center them. Pretty cool

Brother Recomended: Steam Punk Art

Some beautiful pictures of a movie or something. I am wondering what the Third Reich has to do with anything. They are just recomending that it was the name of Germany the entire time before Hitler.

Brother Recomended

I honestly don't know what this is about.

Seattle when it was really wet

Would the people look any different is the question?

Prototype Houses

Some interesting ideas for setting up a quick house.

Senator Kennedy is angry

He hasn't been strip searched. Who would want to search him?
Interesting how they are using Terrorist searches to find other fellons. Nice maneuver really.

Magic Zilla

I had written Magic Silla, Pero otro personas no comprende Silla y Zilla.
One is a town and the other is a chair.

REally cool site. Lots of tricks to learn and amaze you friends.

The British

Never say Never Attitude

Pluto is now a Dwarf, Not a dog

From what I understand, they where having problems with Pluto anyway. It has a tail, and fits the description of meteor much better then planet. Or that is what NOVA says

CG Talk: Making me feel Inferior since I first went on to it

No really, I am in total aw. And have no way of really competing with these people.

Web-Comics on Videogames

I like em.

Space the Small Frontier

More like Tiny. Very tiny

Ask a Question get a Book

Or at least I think thats what it means

Dakota Demolition

It doesn't need much description.

Pioneers Sang as they Entered Jupiters Orbit

The Big Screen sort of snuck in there. But some Scientists believe that a new form of Physics will have to be used to describe how the Pioneer Space probes changed speed after going beyond Jupiter.

The Immortality Institute

Well that seems like a great plan.

Cool China Bridges

The one of the bridge and then the loop is so Awsome!!!

The people of Helsinki hate that fact that they have a mall

Then why the Smeg do they have 2? They have to have people coming to them to have such a thing happen. And why is it that every person clothing looks like it came from JC Penneys?
Great for a good laugh though.

Some nice Architecture

Once again, I wish I could travel through it on a video game

What Has Changed for Empire Strikes Back

151 things I guess.

Family Guy Clips

The NGA one is the funniest. I guess I should place a warning on the links though. It looks like one is not safe. I have not clicked on it. But don't want to either.

A help for your Blog

Put in the stuff you want and see what you get.

How to Crash Internet Explorer

I guess today there will be an attempt to fill my front pafe with only stuff I posted today.


Falling Water

I have this map. A beautifully done map, with the feeling that someone lives there. I may never get to tour the actual building, but I will know how to maneuver around it. I also know the place to put the TV.

Really this is a great idea for architecture. Mapping was what introduced me to how fun it is. With the level editor, I can walk throuhg a building of my making and see how it really feels. Then add what materials it should have. Very good idea really.

I just posted that I post to much

And what do I do? I add 10 more links. What the heck! I have not even used Stumble yet!!

Sonic ToothBursh

Listen to Sonic Youth while brushing your teeth. No not by ordinary means. By way of your teeth.

I found this link on the Sonic Toothbrush page

Yes, perfect padded bums! Say that Three times fast, now don't get slapped.

Toilet Bowl Resteraunt

If you have eaten some of the authentic foods...

Rocket Video

They strapped a camera on a rocket and let it go.

New Windows Vista Screensavers

Place them in the Screen Saver folder -this is if you have windows- and voila. Really though I have no use for them.

Need a Fast, Sleek, and Silent Borwser

In case you don't want people to know what porn you where looking at.

Smart Moving Buildings

The future never makes sense. No flying cars, but you can send letters and info to total strangers at super speeds. No houses on Mars, but the houses do contract and move like living creatures.

New Art Form Really

Pixel Art is amazing. But when you see stuff like this. You begin to realize that it is becoming an art form unto itself. And a highly profitable one at that.

Very Bad video on Digital Piracy

Proof to us that they have been trying to make Rap cool for white kids for a very long time.

Vista is nearly out

Well really I will probably be getting it at school. At an affordable price of $25. And it will be legal. Something good is finally happening.

Cane Fighting

The really weird part is I already guess all the moves. Jackie Chan movies do that to you.

Alternate Reality Game

Here is her You Tube account. Apparently its videos of a 16 year old Girl that is not. It seems to have been recieving a ton of info and speculation. Some have guessed that this is some kind of hoax. I mean really, popular videos that do not involve porn.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Wii Like Leibzig

The infamous Fran Mirabella III shows us how the Wii plays. Both the Good and Bad is seen. Nice idea really.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Movies Slashed together

Something about Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins is assigned to the red light district in a 3rd world country. Songs and dance soon end when she realizes these children need more then A Spoon Full of Medicine. As she works to regain all that was lost, she realizes what goodness and cruelty truly are.

The Spy Who Knew To Much Ado About Nothing

A man sneaks into a town to find his lost lover. Her daughter is there for revenge.
What no one else knows is that he works for the CIA.

Night of the Living Dead Man Walking
Assigned to death, a man discovers that most of the men with him died long ago.

All the President's Men in Black
The President has been cloned. The Secret Service must now find the real one and save the day. With out anyone knowing what is really happening.

Shall We Dance With Wolves?
A Civil War hero is sent to the Navajo Rez. There he teaches the navajos about ballroom dancing. His love interest has a secret. She is a skinwalker, the wolf that follows him.

Dirty Harry Potter
A young boy is assigned to a school of witchcraft in the US. He soon realizes that the head of the school works for He Who Must Not Be Named. The only choice is to find out who is what, and take on the school with a bloody revenge.

My Best Friend's Four Weddings and a Funeral
Isn't this the same movie?

Many more are on the link. I will update when I can. If you have any ideas for a story, or a new movie name. Email me or something.

This is really nice

This makes my future job look so cool. The big thing to notice is that the y freezed some of the cars during pans. They where just floating in mid-air while the pan was happening. The other is that Clipping for the cars was not active. Because of this one car could become a Thousand. It also helped with the physics not having to worry about running into each other.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Zelda Fluff Documentary

Will this show up on the next game as a "Special Feature"?

Pretty much

'What will your obituary say?' at

More like it

'What will your obituary say?' at

I doubt it.

'What will your obituary say?' at

Friday, September 01, 2006

Some Music for your life

Castlevania has great music.

Drat, The Sundance Equation has been found

How many movies have these cliches? I don't know, but I know how many show up in Movie marathons. I also know how many people actually care.
Lets all sing it together.
"If you divide something by Zero
It ends up being zero."

Thursday, August 31, 2006

10,000 Reasons why Earth is Doomed

I should put a warning here. These are reasons why we are doomed. So there is reference to how bad people have gotten. If there is alink. It will lead to a reason why We Are Doomed. Although Teddy Bears are scary, the Girls Gone Wild videos are a better reason.

Speaking of which I should add Teddy Bears.

Canada is having an election

So far I have found a Kennedy, An Alex Trebek look-a-like, and a guy from Law and Order. Is it actually that guy, I have no idea. But he originally supported the 2003 Iraq Invasion. Since the election is for the Liberal Party, he has to backpedal.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lets Try Some other Conspiracies

You probably thought I meant something like this. Too bad Mars does not have a good enough atmosphere to make up any of the dustorms seen.

Bubble Wrap and Snide Boise

As you can see I have updated my blog a little bit. I hope you find every thing nice and good looking.
I even have labels. Wiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!

The last Article was prmoting Republicanism

I have no official hatred for the Republicans. -Except for the time I got a merit badge by listening to a guy complain for an hour about Bill Clinton.- But it puts a shadow over this theory. We shall see if it is true anyway.

Damming Evidence

I like a good conspiracy theory. The problem with the majority is that they can be proven false pretty quickly. Or show that the person with the theory is just trying to gain some kind of political power.
This on the other hand is an attempt to look at Katrina from another angle. And with it comes the theory.

I still remember when Melina and Alicia had the conversation about Katrina. Truthfully it was more of Alicia giving her opinion. But it made me wonder why the News wasn't reporting other angles.

I figured out the first part pretty fast. Nathan told me about the racism still in the South. This would be a great opprotunity to talk about it, even if it had nothing to do with New Orleans.

The Second part is finally starting to come out. Lets see where it goes.

Snide Remarks is Free Again!!!

Eric Snider is one of the first members of the Garren's Comedy Troupe. I have there CD and am a big fan. The big reason for me to go to BYU was to see the Comedy. Ever Since I found out that they disbanded I have had no desire to be at BYU. Ok the thought of BYU has crossed my mind, but with it comes a deep fear that I would not be able to buy Dr.Pepper.
Anyway, the articles I have read are funny, and give a great perspective of Mormon life. Both inside of Utah and Out. I highly recomend reading it. Since he has over 5 years of articles, it will take a while to read all of this.

In other news, I might be updating my Blog so that it has some better index features. So it might be down for a few minutes or something. Just wanted you to know.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Why hasn't this happened earlier

I mean, with all the angry people out there. And the fact that this joke is old. How is it, that this is the first time it has happened.

I like Star Wars... But not this much

May the Schwarts be with you

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Forget Waldo Find the Truth

As a film major I will be dealing directly with this. I have seen several films about it. So reading an opinion that says other wise is kind of nice.
From the political point of view, I wish to quote Elder Morehead my greeny breaker, " It seems that it doesn't which side they are on. They will spend all there time complaining about the other side, to the point that they can't get anything done. They are unable to compliment or show kindness."

I had been complaining about a politician. he shut me up pretty fast. And I soon realized that the use of anger was an amazing trick. And that I had fallen for it.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Don't Download This Song - Weird Al Yankovic

For this very reason, I have not heard any new songs in a long time.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Metal wolf chaos (メタルウルフカオス) - Digest movie

Alive In Joburg

This short by Neill Blomkamp depicts a fictional world where extraterrestrials have become refugees in South Africa. Producers: Neill Blomkamp, Simon Hansen, Sharlto Copley, Shannon Worley.
Oh yeah, this guy will end up directing the Halo Movie.

Remember how I like Robots

Early Resident Evil 4 videos

The best idea with these videos would be to get them full screen. This means that you click on the screen -not the play button- and go to the you-tube site. From there press on the video button on the right. It should make the video full screen. Also get ready for graininess. But great video.


Based on Pitfall. I can't beat it.

Sonic Flips off Nazis

No really.

Fun Video

Very true ending.


When I saw a book about Programming Sudoku games, I realized that Sudoku will be gone in a few months.

Another Concept Art I wish was In Game

By the looks of it, the game makers are getting pretty close. But it would still look cool.

Joint Task Force Demo

I will download this and try it out soon.

Joint Task Force

This seems like an interesting game. The Media decides on how much money you recieve. It is based on the idea that the War on Terror is a Media War. What ever the Media says shows the victor. I think the demo might be out, so it is one for me to try out.

XBox 360 to Have Settlers of Catan

Another reason to like the Wii even more.
Actually I am a big fan of Carcason. The problem is that my friends play Catan so much that I don't get to hang out with them as much. I have played the game. It just wasn't fun for me.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


An item I have not had, but it looks pretty good.

Keep in mind I consider Live Octopus and Challah tasty. Though not together. Challah with Dulce De Leche is divine.

The Daily Grind

The post I am linking to has a lot about it. Though I thought there was a dreamcast version. Needless to say the game is built to make fun of the life we will all have in the future.

Note the Phallic Imagery

It is the second to last picture. The man has a sword named Wii.

Fake SMash Bros Roster

Yes that is a good list. But it feels a little heavy for certain games, but not for others. I like the addition of Soma. Where is Mega Man and Sephiroth?

Link VS Sephiroth

Makes me want to play that kind of game.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Mario is being worshipped

The Top Ten Mario Videos.

Really Parkour and Mary are so similar that It would be difficult to make a game for parkour with out having the feel of mario in it. Maybe he should be a secret character.

I wish the game looked like this

Tony Hawk Pro Skater is one of my favorite series. I am finishing up all the cheats on American S8land. It is much better then the major console versions. The reason for this is the comedy they allow the characters. Realism takes away the cartoon.
There is a level where you skate down a Mayan temple . Why should it not look like this.


Yeah, its dumb. Thats the idea.

The XBox is correctly sized though. It is inside of a PS3

Oh yeah

Brown Shirts

See it is really odd to me that there are now fans of them. I don't think they realize all that the idea of "Brown Shirt" means.

When the fans speak they mean this. But I hear something else.

The truth about the show it that it is much like that. It has all of the heros and such, but I wonder what will happen once everything breaks up. Will this make it better?

The movie sort of doesn't give a lot of answers to questions I have. One of which is this, "Why did the director make 17 year old who has been abused completely, into a sex symbol?" Another is, "How are they doing things under the table, when they can communicate with some one several light years away?"
I like how they dodged the Alien Cultures thought. They just had Earth cultures.
Guns still worked quite well in the movie, kind of a nice touch. But why did it all look similar to our own. If the Reevers are so aggresive, how are they able to get along with each other? Let alone pilot ships? Just a lot of questions.

I liked the movie itself. The story is very cliched. At one point I was waiting for a certain character to die. And he did. I was surprised that Jane lived though.
I expected the girl to show off how powerfull she was on the reevers. And boy did she. Frankly I was hoping that she and the Assasin would go one on one. But the Captain and the Assasin was just as expected.

The entire Universe story sort of falls flat when you realize that the only way for people to leave Earth and reform other planets, would have saved Earth as well.
I guess what I am trying to say is that, if you like these kind of movies, you will enjoy this one. But I think it is time we found some new cliches. And a lot more thought.

As just an odd note. I found it sort of funny that after seeing the movie, we all spoke about Nazism use of symbols. And yet not catch on to Brown Shirts.

The Where's Waldo Wiki

I tried looking up Martin Hanford. But got Lockheed Martin: Hanford. So the search for the author is even tougher.

Friday, August 18, 2006

It was Eventual

Homestar weekly I mean wicci.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Cheers to Nintendo

Hey Norm!
I vote Pikmin as Woody.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Women with Large Firearms

I dislike some of the comments in it. But the pictures are pretty nice. One picture shows what seems to be a girl trying to fix a wedgie.
The guns are very nice. And it seems they are all Israelis.

Not exactly a tact full way to post it. But they are nice pictures with out the bad thoughts as well. Brave strong women who are fighting. Sort of changes the spectrum doesn't it.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Ninja Baby sitter

From what I understand, this guy is really big in Japan. He is trying to make it into America. So he made this film. I want a Ninja that can mow lawns.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Zach Galifianakis on physical comedy.

One of my favorite comedians does a great bit.

Brian Posehn - Metal By Numbers

The F word might pop up. But then again, it shows up in metal at the point anyway.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Simpsons Movie Animatic 2

Go Maggie!!!
I always figured she was a hitman. And Bart was somehow in on it.
Lisa on the other hand is posesed by her future 30 year old self. Who didn't realize that no one listens to a little girl.
And Marge is on the chase of the notorious Hitman squad, Pacifier face and El Barto.

As just an added note, The process of animatic really does help out. I am working on something like this my self. Er for another movie. With less money. And less talent.

Simpsons Movie Animatic 1

So far so good.

Girl takes pic of herself every day for three years

I had a huge crush on Stephanie

The girl from Wonder Years is a babe. I mean, smart and good looking, and can act. I am suddenly thinking about moving to LA. :)

Seriosly though, Stephanie was my boy hood cruch -besides Alice in Wonderland (Blondes?)- She was just cute. She is now married.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Toys Not For Children

Suicide toys and Nudie Dice.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Futurama - Raiders of the Lost Arcade

Yeah, I hated that last one as well.

The Wilhelm Scream Compilation

George Lucas likes that scream way to much.

The Nintendo Difference

The majority of the games listed came out.

Koopa Force

Fan made video. The Accents are interesting. The video is a bit interesting. And Princess Peach is ugly.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Shooting the Megapixel

I have two links here.

The first is for an article -be careful, I think he is from Sedona- is about why the Megapixel does not work.

The second is a site about Backyard Artillery. Such things as the Rubber Band Gattling gun. They better have instructions on how to build your own. I would make one.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Roger Ebert Recomends

His favorite film critics.

While searching for this I found this article, for a book. It is so weird to see some of that writing in English. I know what it says, but it doesn't sound the same in my mind. And yes, it is customary to be kissed, even passionately, by a friend. I am going to look for this book.

Oh and for added measure, This is one of my favorites.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

100 Peoples Play Basketball(Funny)

This would be awsome to play in. And I hate being in crowds.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Drawn To Be Alive Video

Star Trek Meets Monty Python

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Rainbow

Dark Side of the Moon synchronized with The Wizard of Oz. Life is good.

Origami Nintendo

With a special appearence by Star Wars and Lara Croft.

The Link and Zelda characters are amazing.

Saturday, July 29, 2006


No really Tuan, you will like this one.

Paper Deathmatch

I would have written it in French -The site sure is- but I can't remember how to say paper in French.
A cool looking game where you play a peice of paper come alive.

Mrs. Guttman

I guess a writer for the Tonight Show sent a neighbor to the Air Guitar Championship. It seems to not be on the link just yet. But it should be soon. Mrs. Guttman looks just like my Great Grandmother Weimar who recently passed away a year ago. The fun part was that she acted very similarly. As if she was in charge and no one else was. She informed everyone they where stupid. And she told all the guitarists that they needed lives.
I am suddenly a fan of Mrs. Guttman.

Friday, July 28, 2006

robot dance

Dave Chappelle-GTA

Yeah pretty much.

Beta Zelda

And by the looks of it, you can play these levels on your own.

Videogames That should not be played

I should point out that Duck Hunt 2 would be awsome.

1991 The Wii is predicted

I guess this makes my prediction time seem like nothing.


Weird Al's Video for UHF:The Movie. Great stuff.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Writing on Water

I can see the "Helen Will You Marry Me" pool now. In 3 years they may be able to play pong. 3 years after that they might make an extreme version of water polo.
"The Dragon has been Launched! The Dragon has been Launched!"

Game Industry needs more talent

They now how people there just for model rigging.

A Man Tries to Rob a gun Store with a Knife

It seems to happen every 5 years. The best part of this article is the audio commentary.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Latest Anti-American hatred is not new

An interesting point of view. The author gives the story of sitting with several international groups. Each claimed hatred toward America. He was with them until he heard 1967. As in, they have been hating America because of something that happened 40 years ago. Kind of creepy.

Vlado the III

In this article it says that Dracula was well known to hunt vampires.

One of his grandsons marries into German nobility and becomes my ancestor. Weird no.

I just look like him

Not related to them at all

Other Grandmothers maiden name

Not related at all

Grandmothers Maiden Name

Getting Closer

I guess it could be worse


King Koopa is German?

Greaaaat... Another villain that I look like.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Good advice from Stephen King

I still think the naked lady in the bathtub was wrong.

Nice picture

Portrait Machine

kind of interesting.

Atomic Structure in a 2 dimensional space

Cool idea.

Spider-Plant Man (Part 1 of 2)

We've given it really big Teeth.

Spider-Plant Man (Part 2 of 2)

Just watch it.

Who wants to be a Superhero

I should have signed up for this. I could have been someguy in a dumb suit. I could have been a contender.

Castlevania Flaming Whip

A whip that is on fire. How Simon Belmont got a hold of all these items is unknown.

On the other hand, the 2d Ocarina of Time is looking pretty good.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Flying Manta Ray

This video combines two of my favorite things.

Talking Head

I think all political debates should come from these effects.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

(Wii) Heroes Hi-Res

Yes, this is for the Wii. Pretty impressive huh?

Crazy Bike

<i>This was filmed by me in the year 2000 or 2001 in Wuerzburg, Germany, and still i have not seen something like this anywhere.
P.S. music by Vanessa Mae</i>

I wish to add that this girl has the saem amount of time on a bike as Mormon Misisonaries.

Eli is Holding a Torch

Dave is sponsoring Eli.

Eli is going to kill me. Or laugh. Which ever.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Final Fantasy Wedding

You know you have reached geekdom when the wedding march is music from a game.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Everybody wants to be a Cat

Ev'rybody Wants To Be A Cat

Music composed by Floyd Huddleston and Al Rinker.
Lyrics written by Floyd Huddleston and Al Rinker.
Performed by Phil Harris [Thomas O'Malley].

Everybody wants to be a cat,
Because a cat's the only cat
Who knows where it's at.
Everybody's pickin' up on that feline beat,
'Cause everything else is obsolete.

Now a square with a horn,
Can make you wish you weren't born,
Ever'time he plays;
And with a square in the act,
He can set music back
To the caveman days.

I've heard some corny birds who tried to sing,
But a cat's the only cat
Who knows how to swing.

Who wants to dig
Along-haired gig
Or stuff like that?
When everybody wants to be a cat.

A square with that horn,
Makes you wish you weren't born,
Ever'time he plays;
And with a square in the act,
He's gonna set this music back
To the Stone Age days.

Everybody wants to be a cat,
Because a cat's the only cat
Who knows where it's at;
While playin' jazz you always has a welcome mat,
'Cause everybody digs a swingin' cat.
Everybody digs a swingin' cat.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

John Snider and Ninja Turtles

I hope this doesn't get John Stalked. But the person describing the game looks like him. The hair has the same flip. And Ubisoft looks very unlike any videogame company I have seen.

Feral Child

A girl is raised by dogs until she is 8.

Console War: Nintendo vs Sony vs Microsoft

Yep, Halo. Thats it.

Team Fortress 2 teaser


I have said it before. There is a lot of movies we could be copying off on systems. Without really needing to get realistic.


Good enough just to watch. I guess it is taking place during the Half Life time line and universe.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ping Pong Talents

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Once again Animal Crossing Movie

This site is very nice. What will the Ninja do?

Monday, July 17, 2006

A Funny Artist

I like this artists style. So I decided to show the art. It is a bit hard to figure out, but the next button is on the top right and looks like an icon of the next picture.

Lego Star Wars II Mega trailer

The Wrath of Giga Bowser

An interesting hack of Super Smash Brothers.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Some quick links

Best of luck with the rest of life.

Time 4 Bed

You Tube is so great.

Yep yep - Sesame Street Martians

When my aunti Mari Lou was young she would ask for "Yep Yep Yep Yep" Eventually my Grandparents figured out it meant the martians.

Action Cats

Yeah! My Cat would totally love this.

Beatboxing Parrot!


The Made for TV Movie.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

What did you See?

A couple of great pictures of the Zidane Headbutt.

Blender is now better

I would link every thing important, but the article here already does it.

Blender is a program built to do every thing the user wants for a rendered environment . It is also free.
I guess this new update includes everything a production company needed to make a movie. So this makes the Blender program much better.

I have to say, collaborative movies are pretty cool.

An Arcade Game based on Che and Fidel

The commentary says that no one else in the world besides America has a problem with Fidel. I guess everyone else in the world is worried about there own dictator living nearby.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Animal Crossing Movie

A story about a Ninja, a Girl, and a village filled with talking animals. Truly the greatest epic story ever made. Most especially if Tom Nook is able to create his robot army.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Silent Night

This is for Echoe.


Saturday, July 08, 2006

I have friends violating some of these

The Commandments of Cell Phone Use.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Write Dreams

An interesting idea for those that want weird images.

Columbine Doom Fans

The Diaries of the Columbine shooters are now open to the public. As it turns out they where big time game fans. No one really knows how to react around this.
The article also shows a fan letter for Doom by one of the shooters.

Intermission Time

Play the Juggling video and this one at the same time. Put this video at half sound, so that you can here the announcer. Then watch as two completely different videos seem to merge together.

Juggling with Style

Inspirational music, amazing angles, and juggling.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

David Lynch Videogames

If it happend, how would you know the game ended?

Japanese Robotics will Rule The World!!!

There is no mention of a Gundam in there. Though I figure that will probably be a reference point for most Japanese.

It is interesting to see that robots in Japanese TV shows are simply a means to an end. American and European culture give them the thought of Superiority. Or that some how Man will be wiped out by them.

I do have one problem with this article. Right now there is a concern that our population is declining. This is both true and untrue. The truth is that we are naturally compensating for our means at the moment. So when the Old and Graying die off -no offense to any friends that are old and graying- the population will gain more children. This cycle has been seen from the other end as well.
Our ideas of over population came from the idea that we are having to many babies. Get the idea.

Seth Needs this

World of Warcraft Deotx center.

Feeling a little bit Peckish my self.

An article on all of this.

Futurists tend to have great theories, and some do come true. But never in the way that the person thought it would.

Case in point, 1984. We all live in a world where anyone can find out anything about anyone. And nothing is thought badly about this. So we are becoming our own Big Brother.

Or that Kahn Noonian Singh was captured in 2002 according to Star Trek Mythos. And that this was the end of World War III.

The transhumanists are scary though. I wonder if they will ever gain political power. Will it be politically correct to say, "he speaks with a forked tongue." Or, "She is very catty."

Enough Speculation, good night.

A Web Operating System

No joke. The entire thing is online and even comes with applications.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Net Neuterality

The website it self is built to inform women of predators, and unfaithful boyfriends. I actually like the idea.
I was going to post the front page. But it seems the website is branching out into womens langire.

First off , why does a sexual predator site need a langire line.
Second, how do you spell langire. I am only guessing here.
Thirdly, why is it that almost all the guys are 6 Ft or above. I would guess that other shorter guys can be just as bad. But it seems that the more height means the worse guy?
Fourthly, being over 6 Ft my self, does this automatically make me a problem?

More importantly with this article is what the girlfriend did. She looked up her boyfriend. She found out every part of his life through the internet, and by following him. In other words she was stalking him. Should this be allowable?

I remember when I was a computer tech at a TV station. I would look up my co workers on the internet. This was viewed as sort of creepy so I stopped. Now this is completely acceptable. And some of those same people are surprised not to find me after a good Google.

I think its great that people are writing about how bad some of these guys are. That they are predators and need to be stopped. The idea of being anonymous on the web is finally starting to be proven false. And this has good things for it.

An interesting conflict of emotions for me. I hate the guys, but fear the consequences to capture them. Most especially if a post is lying. We don't have any checks for that.

It is as if 1984 happened, and everyone turned out to be big brother.

This Comic has truth in it

I have often wondered if that was true.

This one sort of scares me. It is pretty funny. But it might also mean that much more angry, jerks, with guns for the people who go door to door. I did that for a living. For some odd reason, going to some ones door was considered over kill.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Best Blonde Joke Ever

How far does the rabbit hole go?

A great quote about Art.

With games like Animal Crossing, Nintendogs and Brain Training, Nintendo has already succeeded in selling games to people that didn't really care much for gaming.

- What we see with Animal Crossing on Nintendo DS, is that it's been a hit to people that's been playing for a long time, but also to people that's never played a game. I know several mothers that plays the game with their kids. As a result of this, the game has already sold millions, just in Japan. The last game only sold around 600,000.

I really like this quote because it is true. Animal Crossing is a great way to introduce people to playing videogames. And those that play them anyway enjoy the game even more.

Mega Man ZX anime promo

It appears that You Tube has also done this. Which means that the two video sites I used are making it easier to post videos. A brilliant idea really.

This is how it should sound

The Google website has a button to put this video directly onto the blog. Obviosly they are figuring out how much money this free advertising is making them.

Played on the organ, you hear:
Super Mario World (Castle Theme),
Zelda Dungeon Theme,
Super Mario 64 Bowser Theme,
Chrono Trigger (Magus Battle),
Naruto (Orochimaru's Theme),
FF9 (Pandemonium),
Cowboy Bebop (Rain),
FF3 (Dancing Mad).

Smart Guy

I wouldn't mind this car.

The Chef is a member of the Mob

Make sure to eat the salt at the end of your vist. Then apologise to your boss for any past mistakes.

21 Is going to hate this video



I am checking now to see if they have some intstructions. If so, then I will be building one for a hobby. I have some ideas for the fuel source even.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Top Years for Videogames

I just saw the history of videogames. So this list has more meaning to me.
The author seems to prefer Sega though. I view that as a personal problem. I mean Nintendo has built far better games.

Jumping the Shark

The author names 10 games that have jumped the shark.
I disagree on two of them. I happen to really like the Tony Hawk series. What I think the team at NeverSoft need to do is create an updatable system. Release a new set of levels and story every year. But release newer and newer levels every three months. Buy a game for $60 then when every year by the new chapter at $20.
The reason for this is so that you can play every level on one game. I got really tired of switching disks when I wanted to play certain levels.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Create Comics

I have already created 3. Under the name of one of my alias sisters. Wyssa.

Oh yeah, Sister Princess is a great show.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Filibuster Cartoons

Wrather Accurate there.

Friday, June 23, 2006

A Flipping Boat

I don't have a good enough explanation for this.


The Godfather makes another appearence from the grave.


While growing up someone yelling that meant we where being fired at.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Early John Lassater film

The creator of Pixar

Monday, June 19, 2006

TV in Japan: Awesomely Surreal Rap Video With Fencing Animal Headed Creatures

TV in Japan: Awesomely Surreal Rap Video With Fencing Animal Headed Creatures

Discussion on Videogames

It was brought up that videogames are not art. And no one explains why, This article tries to look into it. The reasoning seems to be that videogames don't try for meaning or interpretation. The good game creators give you emotions and things to think about. But nothing out side of the game. So there is no way for videogames to be art.

This article is about Wikipedia but really it deals with some of the same subjects.

I guess the best move would be to make a game where the game shows different sides of a real situation. Would that even sell? Such an interesting question. I don't know if I have anybody really following this blog. ButI am curious if any readers have any ideas or opinions on the matter.

Free Books

This site allows the reading of classic books. I am trying to decide on what to read at the moment.


This site is perfect for people that like to hear music.
I typed in Black Hole Sun one of my personal favorite rock songs. And am now listening to all sorts of songs that are similar to it. Not just in lyrics but in beat.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Atari and Nintendo

Extreme Childhood Memories

I could do this on a real bike.

Extreme Swing next up on ESPN's X Games.

Jim Lehrer Themed Birthday party and a cool coil gun

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Alliance Silent War

A friend of mine pointed me toward this game. It has over 200 guns on display and some nice looking graphics. I wonder how the game plays as well?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Opinions on Videogames

Lets get the easy stuff out of the way first.

Here is a good list -pictures included- of every system ever released. I will admit that I have wanted to play a game from just about every one of them.
The oddest thing I notice is that the list shrinks as the generations go by. The shortest was this generation with 4 systems. And then next generation will have 3.
Sony wants to have its system being used as a computer as well. And I don't think that Microsoft or Nintendo will not be using computers. Are all of our systems slowly becoming computers that also play games?

On to the tougher part. I will just post the link. There is a lot to talk about. And I am tired so I will talk about it later.

I found an article about Modelism. It is about half way down. And yes, most predictive statements for complex systems should be considered a joke.
This whole global warming thing is the reason why I want to be a modelist. I saw some of the models and then looked at some of my videogames. The question on why no one has released these models for testing came to mind. Then I realized that no one had thought of it.

FPS people run funny

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

They are on Drugs I would guess

Best to turn down the volume.

English Lessons

Capoeira is Cool

A dance and fighting style. This art is just plain cool.

I am kind of curiosu what would happen if a Parkour Master and a Capoeira Master began to train together.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Mother 3 in 3D

A cool idea for a good game. The thing about is this, the creator is not very good at 3D. For this reason he stays in 2d. If some fans where able to donate the time to help him out, a game like this might be made. Its a definantly cool idea.
The Mother series is a comical RPG. It takes place in modern times and uses things that people from our time fear. For instance, Hippies, UFOs, Dinosaurs, Zombies, Possesed Blues Brothers.

If you click on the home link, you see red riding hood with a butcher knife. Cutest morbid picture ever.

Sultan's Elephant

Puppet Girl

Will have to find the elephant as well.

Quite Fascinating

I will not admit to laughing

Prepping you for the future

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He wants to be famous

So lets give him his due

Just some random stuff

I found this. Right before I found this. Any body want to make a TV Show?

I am allowed to make fun of it. I lived in Arizona for a few years. And they really are scared of everything.

Why I can never live in Japan

I have a phobia of being in crowds.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Creepily Familiar

The pictures are well done. But the propaganda does seem familiar to propaganda today. Some used on Americans against other Americans.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


It shows every gene sequence that has been fully followed.

The other one just shows mid pop balloons.

Oh Goody I am a hacker

Great way to scare parents. But no real signs that could help.

Angels and Mermaids

A short film. Pretty good.

Fighting Clowns

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Make your own nation

Interesting idea. Lets see where it goes, the forums are pretty interesting as well.

As in, I think the group that made this are a little insane.

I guess I should show off IrChichke and tell you that the program knows nothing. It does not recogonise when some one is using another language. Lets put this in the Pacific, they have no Ch sound. And Eastern Europe doesn't want to deal with lies anyway.

Toilets of the World... Unite!

The French Bedays are pretty weird too.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Made by some non industry types. The game looks great and has recieved some great reviews.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Why the De Vince Code is Wrong

I mean besides the fact that the author called the code "Of Venice" which is not Leonardos last name at all. He had no last name and just happened to be from Venice.

Vince not Vinco. Vinco is a wino.

MArio Amusement park

Once again, reality just got weirder.

Monday, May 29, 2006


Fight spam with kittens.

How True

Why My Space is bad. Not because of the network, but because of those who you use it.

Another Famous Star's Blog

Verrily, tis a great one.

Fighting Dinosaurs

Yeah, now you know they didn't just stand there.

Dream Control

Pretty good stuff. No reference to swords being phallic.

No Freaking Way

MC Hamer's Blog.

A great program

This is how I got all of these great sites for today. Except the one about Disney Real Life Videogame.
Stumble first makes you chose out things that you like. A large list is shown. Then every time you press the stumble button, it takes you to a new site. Almost every time I get some great stuff.

Except for the 3-4 videos explaining why Bush is evil. Obviosly he destroyed the Towers. And police officers recording us at a rally is because of Bush. Not because some of the idiot protesters trashed the joint last time.


I was looking at the weird pictures so much. I did not even see the stuff to the left.

Scary and true

Yes, these are the usual stories I heard on my mission. Before you get angry, which you should, I recomend looking again. With in all of this terribleness, something people rarely see. Hope. No, I can't explain it.

Word Origins

Kennedy = Ugly Head

Germans... What won't they create?

I personally want one. I would park it on the top of the school roof. Who is going to argue with me? It would cost the same to move into an apartment, for a year. Water and such would be interesting. But not that difficult.
What a brilliant idea.

Free Form Pac Man

I have gotten to the 8th level.

Linguistics Delight

I am relearning Vietnamise.

Proof that Americans are not the only ones


Invisibility cloak

I think there is already one out there being used.

From MegaTokyo's Dom.... IE Not me.

I don't know how to properly link to this article. It is found here.

The article itself is this

A few days ago, Cortana pointed out to me that my poor, neglected was linked by Boingboing, and I said "I'll put that in my checklist of nerdy things that have happened to me." Shortly after I said that, I realized that I'd said nearly the exact same thing at the Magic Pro Tour Qualifier, only in a less flattering conversation with Toby, a good friend and the head judge;

Dom: You know, making top 4 of this tournament may be the nerdiest thing I've ever done.
Toby: Excuse me? You're wearing a Final Fantasy concert t-shirt and someone recognized you both from Jeopardy! and from your webcomic.
Dom: Your point...?
Toby: What's in your backpack, Dom?
Dom: A package.
Toby: Containing what?
Dom: Review materials.
Toby: And you're reviewing what, for who?
Dom: ...manga. For Newtype USA.
Toby: The prosecution rests, your honor!

So I decided, in the wake of these two Nerd Events, to try and figure out what the Nerd List is, and what I have and haven't achieved. Here's my rundown of the various ways in which I have achieved uber-nerditude:

1: Academia
- Graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in "folklore and culture," i.e. comic books and movies
- Wrote scholarly papers on both Barefoot Gen and Warren Ellis' Transmetropolitan
- Participated in the National Spelling Bee
- Appeared on Jeopardy!

2: Comics
- Been made a character in multiple comics
- Have had work published by multiple comic publishers, including Dark Horse and (soon) DC
- Signed autographs at San Diego Comic Con

3: Games
- Have had name listed in the credits of multiple video games
- Have written for GamePro magazine and actually have a right to put "ProTip:" in articles
- Learned Japanese from video games in order to play video games
- Made Top 4 of a Magic Pro Tour Qualifier (next step, play on the Pro Tour, I guess)

4: The Internets
- Have a blog with a large readership (sure, it's attached to a webcomic with a larger readership, but work with me here)
- Have had a page linked by Boingboing
- Have had a page linked by Slashdot

From this list, I have two questions. First, is there anything I should add to that that's reasonably attainable? Second, do I WANT to get even nerdier? I await your answers.

Just realizing how big my list is. And no, the list up there is not mine.