Saturday, July 01, 2006

Net Neuterality

The website it self is built to inform women of predators, and unfaithful boyfriends. I actually like the idea.
I was going to post the front page. But it seems the website is branching out into womens langire.

First off , why does a sexual predator site need a langire line.
Second, how do you spell langire. I am only guessing here.
Thirdly, why is it that almost all the guys are 6 Ft or above. I would guess that other shorter guys can be just as bad. But it seems that the more height means the worse guy?
Fourthly, being over 6 Ft my self, does this automatically make me a problem?

More importantly with this article is what the girlfriend did. She looked up her boyfriend. She found out every part of his life through the internet, and by following him. In other words she was stalking him. Should this be allowable?

I remember when I was a computer tech at a TV station. I would look up my co workers on the internet. This was viewed as sort of creepy so I stopped. Now this is completely acceptable. And some of those same people are surprised not to find me after a good Google.

I think its great that people are writing about how bad some of these guys are. That they are predators and need to be stopped. The idea of being anonymous on the web is finally starting to be proven false. And this has good things for it.

An interesting conflict of emotions for me. I hate the guys, but fear the consequences to capture them. Most especially if a post is lying. We don't have any checks for that.

It is as if 1984 happened, and everyone turned out to be big brother.

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