Sunday, April 30, 2006

To give you an idea on how obsessed Nintendo fans are.

Oh yeah, I signed up for MySpace. But I really won't be doing anything with it. I use it to check out my friends posts on it. What is an Extended Network? I noticed a few of my friends are listing this in big bolg letters. I am in there Extended Network. I would be very happy to know how I got there. How can I view this Extended Network? Will there be some kind of surprise for me.

Why should I be wearing purple? What is Ask Ninja .com?

Brother just pointed out that some girl has been watching me during church. I can't tell if he is joking or not. So to this nice girl -who seems to be stalking me- Hello!

Also this This This And This

I wish to point out the artistry in these costumes. I should warn you that they are based on Anime characters. So be prepared.

I decided to go to the website of the girl who designed and wore the clothing. The sites name is presented at the end of the video. I check it out. Every thing is fine until I see the advertisement. Turns out she is a porn star for another website. The Cos-Play site is fine. But it becomes obvious that there is a trick. For this reason I have taken down the link to her site. Very unfortunate. Sorry.

On further looking at the site. I decided that it would be best if I decided to strike the video link as well. The video is just as much a trick to get people to check out the cos-play-porn site. This is bad. Both that such a thing exists, and that it a part of art is now gone.

It is really odd these days. I might start looking for something, I fully understand if there is a bad site about it. And I don't find a thing. Then I look up Cos-Play and find it. I guess they thought the French Maid was getting old. If you have ever been to France, you would agree. If you knock on the wrong door, you might get an old woman dressed in nothing, answering the door. This image will be burned into your mind forever.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

I stand corrected it was the TurboGrafx-16

It had Keith Courage and Bonks Adventure. Most who played it will remember the Adventures of Ys series.
These game will be playable on the new Wii system.
Oh yeah
DreamCast was a great name too. I still play it. Looking for Crazy Taxi 1 and 2 at the moment. And 2 more controllers for some Power Stone Action. If this can be playable on the Wii. I will be quite happy.

There are very few fans like Nintendo fans. Other systems will be supported, but its a relative like. Nintendo fans try to get autographs from the companies movers and shakers.
So when the name Wii came out, the videogame part of the internet nearly crashed. Nintendo has released information on it.

The thing is, look at the majority of system names. Gamecube, XBox -Halo anyone?- Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Turbo Graphic 16, Pc Drive 6800 -released in Japan-, and the list continues. The truth is the name is not any better then the GameGear or the VirtualBoy. Then lets look at other electronic items, Vaio, Sony, heck Microsoft, My graphics card is the ATI x800 All-in-Wonder, The GForce 4. The names for companies don't have it any better Valve, Steam, Nibris, Rock Bottom Remainders, Retro, Rare, Silicon Knights, Midway, Electronic Arts. The name thing is fairly relative. There was also a backlash for XBox 360 or Playstation 3.

The name itself is cool. Keep in mind I like linguistics, and making a word that can mean something fun in several languages would be difficult. Taking the double ii from Japanese and including it with an onomonatapea -does this sound right?- of fun Weeee!!!!!. I also realized that ! looks like i when I wrote it together.

The funny part is that most of the negative reactions have been in the idea that Wii means a phallis -I use this word so as not to cause giggling- and that it must be brought up in that light a lot. What has not occured to these naysayers is this; if it is viewed in such a phallic way, what happens when you don't have a Wii?

The very same day I read the announcement I did something. I finally bought a Nintendo DS. I spent a lot of money, got three games -Anyone know a cheatcode to get Velma?- and am now quite busy enjoying the games. I will probably enjoy these games for quite some time. Brain Age really does have the best version of Sudoku. And I can finnally play more Castlevania games.

This all was decided because I realized how much I enjoyed just playing games. Fun games, games that explore my mind. And the best part about most of these is that I can put them down -sort of- and do something else important, like write in a blog about myself.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Lawgle- A internet search site for American laws. Somebody really should get a site up like this, only for all nations and states. That way a full check can be made. A Lawgle would be so cool.

It seems that the new Nintendo System will now be called Wii. Let me reitirate, the system will now be called Wii. There have been those with a negative reaction over this. Well live with it. You aint seeing no ghost.

None of the pictures I have found can be explained. No really, there is nothing I could say to explain them. They explain themselves.
So Pull up a Chair and watch.







And Here

Like I said, no explanation. They are what they are. Which luckily also fall under the "Pretty Cool" guidlines.

I did find some other cool stuff. This one is pretty big in the videogame department. Like the article said a woman writes about the bad conditions her fiance was under. Because of this, a lot of moving and shaking has been happening.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I found this great article.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Was just going through the few Webcomics I search through.

I kind of get a laugh at the forums with political motives. So much flaming.

This idea was a cool one. The other users accused a flaming member of Pedophilia. For every accusation he brought to the table they said they might have found evidence. He quit. It is pretty amazing.

Wether I agree with the politics on either side or not. The idea is pretty cool.

I got this email from Nintendo. The Title of the Email was
New Super Mario Bros. Movie Revealed

If you read that, what would you be thinking? I was thinking about an actual in the theatres movie. And maybe some cool cartoony feel to it.

Instead I get this.

Its made by people who speak English, they should catch on.

I am coming up with a cool idea. Rather then just talk about the shows I am watching, I should find the first episode of each, and release them on my blog. This way the shows get some advertising. Just an idea.

A cool idea. Make games using Google Maps. They mention risk. That would be awsome.

Joystic is working on a definitive list of games being made for the Nintendo Revolution. It seems that a lot of videogame journalists are looking forward to this system.

I am figuring out some of the vernacular for Modelism.
First up is Predictive Equations, this means that the person judges all the information and can create an equation on what will happen. For instance, a Goomba sees an enemie and attacks.
The equations I will be working with a lot more is Interpretive Equations, these equations are much more object oriented. Mario sees a Goomba, this is not as predictive. Mario has many options on how to deal with the Goomba. Because I can't predict what Mario will do, I can only write what happend. I would record everything that happened, and then try to include them all within an equation.
The equations that describe what happened are pulled from several Basic equations. In programming we call these Functions. We already know that this might happen so an equation is already prepared for this part. The jumping equation, the sneak equation, the punch equation. And then what Mario actually does is placed in the Interpretive equation.
There is also a Commanditive Equation, something in this realm will happen and always will happen. A leaf falls down, so you don't need to prepare an equation on the leafs upward journey. You can prepare a set of equations on the reaction to wind, and there for a traveling upward. In the end the leaf will touch the ground at some time.
A Reactionary Equation is for a reaction to an even. The movie Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers did this. They took several basic reactionary equations, applied them to several thousand CGI characters and let them loose. Because of this the screeen was filled with battle, and the filmers did not have to place commands for each character.

The next phrase is A Real World Model, where you take actual objects and attempt to predict how they will react. This can be applied to people, the show Survivor can be used. A group of people are placed in a situation and have certain rules, they must now deal with the situation. The Shows producers predicted that it would be about surviving and the people who couldn't last would be voted off the island. Instead it became a game of wills over who would win.
I would like to make several Real World Models of social ideals. For isntance a dictatorship, and a socialist society. Although the show being recorded would seem like entertainment, the reality is that they are being observed and interprestted by scientists. Entertainment and Science can work together.
The Computer Model is used pretty much how it sounds.

The end result is the observation and interpretation of complex events and situations.

I have an example of this is pretty easy. While working with this program (Download the song). I discovered that I could block the falling sand with particles. Using another version I discovered that sand travelling upwards can block the sand from hitting a specific spot. The hypothosis is that if I was able to aim the sand to hit itself at an angle, it would block itself and fall down a different area. After figuring out how to do this with a new program, I would then go into a 3 Dimensional sand game and attempt to test this. After a certain point I would then attempt to copy off my findings in a small Real World Model. If I get that to work, I would attempt to create a Full World System that blocks rain with jetting water. A nice resterraunt or something would be beneath. The tests for Wind and hail have already been made by the time the Full World System is created.

The end resault would be a couple nice games and a cool resteraunt. The scientific realm would have some interesting equations, and the movie industry can use the same programs to create better particle effects.

I have some examples of Modelism being used. The animations you see have basic commands, but the reactions are entirely Real Time. Lucas Arts and Industrial Light and Magic have been merging into a single company. The idea is that using the videogame and movie effects together will make a better film and game. The idea of a single computer model for both movie and videogame is a goal for me within modelism.

Lets get something quite straight. Modelism is not a religion. I just see that a lot of people are in need of something like this, or they are working toward it. I have just named it and am trying to build up the idea. My ultimate goal is to make a film and videogame using the same team and model. The info for the model will help Science and I get paid enough to take care of a wife and kids. Thats my goal, I have no predictive statement for this. Though it would be nice.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

These links have nothing to do with each other.

The Hip Hop Hoodios are a Jewish Hispanic Rap Group. I am a fan of them.

For a more cultured conversation. The Electronic Entertainment Expo(E3) -the biggest videogame conference out there- has banned the use of Woman dressed in little clothing. Some people are rebelling against this. They think that there should be 'Booth Babes'. Others have figured out a new tactic. Have a for girls team show off a videogame. Go ahead, think about it.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Lets try something just as weird

Enough serious talk, Lets PARTY!!


Holy Crap! I can show that video!

Speaking of Classic Works. The infamous Call of Cthulhu is here. I must say that, it is not as scary as others have said.

Though a lot of people seem to enjoy referencing it.

This includes Bungie. The makers of Halo. I understand that they have rereleased some of there games. I can't find them at the momen. When I do, I will post it.

MC Escher would be so proud.

I love Zelda. This site was just reinstated. It was originally for a game made 7 years ago. Just a fan blog for Zelda.

At this moment, the Nintendo DS seems to be making the funnest games. The creators find so many cool ideas.

If I had the money, I would get this for the Leth Child. I wish there was one build for me. Only the cameras are aimed differently. I would live in my pod, and destroy worlds.

This idea, is something I have been waiting for. Most bath tubs are not built for 6 Foot 3 Inch 250 Pound people. Most especially if that is a healthy weight for me to have.
"Come on Lardo, time to go on a diet."
"I did go on a diet, and an excercise regime. I gained weight."
More muscle during that time. I excercise a lot, it is pretty easy. I am a pacer. I pace for several miles every day. My mind travels much farther then I do.

Anyway, I would love to sit in a bathtub and not decide what needs to be wet. Most tubs are built for people half my size. In highschoool, I would buy the biggest shorts I could find. They would look like Short Shorts on me. My friends understood. When I moved to Phoenix I discovered the Big and Tall store. I love that place. I actually hugged people in it. At no point did it seem like I was about to crush a mere mortal. No, it was the hug of equals.
I go to basketball games just to feel short.

In my hometown in Idaho, I was the biggest kid in my highschool. I was in Junior High.

So yeah, I want that bathtub.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Why does IGN need a C++ Engineer? Its a news website. Very interesting.

Just a little Videogame humour. I am trying to calculate how long that fall would be. I already know what part will hit first. He will be Kolo-Limpia for a while.

I want to point out something. Sure Tom Nook might be a bit tricksy, but have you met the girl with no face? She runs when ever you realize its her. I figured she is a spy. Her job is to observe an collect. When she finds out how to properly bomb the place, she leaves.

I could be wrong.

Just a few quick articles.
1up has a great article about Animal Crossing. Did I ever mention that I had a crush on Velma the pink goat for a long time. Even to this day I want to find the save card that had her in the town.

Slashdot has an article on different games for the DS. It seems that Nintendo is really winning the popularity contest. A joystiq poll showed that Nintendo was the company people where interested in. I think a good reason for this is the famliy friendly approach. Gamers are suddenly seeing how Family Friendly can help a girlfriend play games.

Speaking of Nintendo. Yes I signed up. I highly doubt I will win though.

If you want nothing to do with games. Perhaps a Camera connected to a cow will do it.

Watched the first 2 episodes of Magiranger. It has a Harry Potter feel to it. I keep expecting Hermione to show up. Of course Spiderman would know how this feels.

Hermione with a mech. Maybe she and Velma could combine powers and... Never mind.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

It seems that major sites have found out about Spiderman-san. Near the bottom is pictures of Spiderman Merchandise, this includes the mech.

It seems the series is now for sale.

This site was usefull. As was this site. And this site is just cool.

I think the biggest news is that the newest Power Rangers has a name. No not Mystic Force. I mean next years season. They are already planning it. The reason for this is because the footage being used is showing in Japan this year. So the new name is Power Rangers Relic Hunters. I should tell you that the link will just take you to the Mystic Force website. But the fact that takes you there, thats big news.

Anyway, Good night.

Lets try something extra special

El- I found some characters for you. I was actually looking for this. Instead I found this and this. While looking through the site I found this and this

And for a Lawyer this

Enjoy. Great site. Look up FatMan.

Like I said Power Rangers

A pretty funny commentary. They author is well written. Brain Age is a game designed by a scientist that studies brains. He said that videogames do not work out other parts of the brain. So Nintendo offered him the chance to design a game. It has Sudoku, it is also quite interesting. Only to be played a little bit every day. Just a little work out.
The other part about this is game, is that it is not a game. No really, it was designed to help non-videogamer types to increase there mental capacity. Doctors in Japan are prescribing this game to patients.
Other games like this are Nintendogs and Elektroplankton.

It is an odd commentary, when most videogame creators say they are going mainstream, they mean a violent and twisted world with super realistic graphics. When Nintendo says they are going mainstream, they mean Middle Aged women, middle aged men, people that don't play videogames.

This site is far better at links then I. I would highly recomend the link that was before Family Guy. I mean the link to the show before family guy. I mean.. forget it.

Oh and the Power Rangers are sponsored and designed by Marvel Comics. The same people that made Power Rangers also made a Live Action Spiderman. Because of this Power Rangers is a sort of Satire on the whole Super Hero thing. Makes it that much more fun huh?


Here is the first Spiderman Episode. Yes he does have a mech.

Yes I am doing homework. I have been getting a lot done.

I have found a ton of links today. To the point that I can only do some small commentary on each.

First up is the Scarpar. Not a skateboard, a tankboard. All terrain, motorized boarding. The video proves it.

Next up is an interview with the guys from Penny Arcade. They have a convention for videogame fans in Seattle. I hope they let the guy in the closet come. He has been leveling up the character for a while.

Then the Aquapub. I realize that this might be an actual product. But I keep on trying to figure out which model goes to which. We have underwater shots, and over water shots. But it seems like its not the same people. Or swimsuits anyway.

Keeping up with Sports, we have Golden Balls. These special balls are built just for the World Cup. Cross Country balls are made of steel by the way.
When ever some one on my team was slowing down, the onlookers would yell, "Whats the matter, being wayed down?"

Speaking of being in the middle of no where, with 30 people talking about there lives.
" I was a jung German child. One day my father was talking with some one. I never saw this persons face. I only knew my father was worried. The next day as I came home from play. Our entire house erupted into fire. I came to America to live with Relatives."
The story goes on. I can get people to cry from it. It was made up in cross country practice. To this day I can get people convinced it is true. Even if I tell them I grew up in the Northwest.
"Was it near Hamburg?"

Oh yeah, the Alternate Reality Games thing can be fun. But you have to be willing to understand its a game. It can take your life and replace it with a game. Which is pretty sad.

Anyway, if you have ever carried a camera, you would know that batteries are big. Not just important, they can take up a lot of weight. Recharging them is just as annoying. So this is big. Having to move a camera with a cord on it can be quite difficult.

If the Tankboard is not your style, try this. I was once hit by a motorhome, ended up in a wheelchair for a while. So trust me when I say 'This baby would have made it through anything.' Though I don't think I could do the lean back and relax position as easily.
An odd thought here. But it seems that I had a lot of people that wanted to push my chair. It was nice of them. But I could keep up quite well with out. They would end up sending my wheel chair flying. I got to admit. They are right. Its much funner to push it. Oh and crutches suck. Unless you know how to do gymnastic tricks. Then your Mom freaks out.

The Foam Factory looks to be fun. I could make foam, cover my room with it. People say I need a foam room anyway. I could also make it so that my sister could not longer injure herself.
She doesn't actually get injured. But she keeps wanting the attention. I keep telling her that crutches really are not that fun. But Foam Factory would liven up anyones mood. Just hook that baby to the top of the house. Color the foam. Volcano!

This is a cool blog. Cute animals and there incredibly dumb owners. Some where in there is scuba gear for the dog. And the Russian Pig Olympics seems amazing. Not to long ago the USSR fell, and now they have pigs playing Basketball. Will the people not be able to tell the difference between the farmer and the pig.

Smokers are getting artsy. Though I think every bar in the world has something that looks the same.

If you are into reading, this chair would help.

This would help a lot. I could bug a guy, and find out if he had a fever. At the same time. The cool idea for me is this, eventually we will be able to monitor things remotely with out touching them. Then we might be able to control them. Make a chair levitate or something.

I like Transformers. Click on the "Robotic Chair" picture. But I think these artists are missing something important. Not to mention the chair has no ability to take on evil. It may be able to emberass evil. A step in the right direction I guess.

It the Tankchair doesn't work. Take a cooler. The website seems like I could spend hours looking for stuff.

The Lost idea might work. But some sites have gone in the wrong direction. This is why ALG is not mainstream. The usual ALG Sucks.

Speaking of Suck. Oxygen bars where for people that thought everything was polluted. They had no idea that the air was the cleanest it had been in Centuries. But Why tell them that. Sell them Air. I might sell a card with my autograph on it. See what it goes for on E-bay.

The Robotic chairs need work. I think I found the solution. Open Source means anyone can take the program and make something else with it. So if you want to build a giant Robot Buddy. Go for it.

These guys seem to make good arcade units. Since everything has transitioned to the home market, finding arcades has been tough. And people make awful arcade units.

Speaking of special lights and sound effects. A windmill is a great idea. The only problem is that it gets in the way of migratory patterns for birds. Right now, there is no such thing as a perfect plan for ecology. But this looks cool. Most especially when it gets dark and LED lights light up the night with these dervishes.

To keep us looking better, Japan has some special stuff for you. Yes they are real products. I have no idea if people actually buy them.

If you want to look cool with a lazer, try this. It appears the guy is married. Both people are quite lucky. I mean really, he just lit a match on fire, with a lazer.

If that doesn't work out. I would recomend controlling nature it self. The site comes with intructions. I would guess you can get it bigger. Aim some lazers at it. Then send your giant Lego Mech into it. The entire city would be under your control.

If this does not interest you, read a book. I had been looking forward to something like this. I read a lot, and wanted to look Seattle Super Geek while doing it.

Since I am a Seattle Super Geek -with might morphin powers- I guess I should try this.

Most of this stuff came from Gizmodo. So I give them props. The future is both weird and cool mixed together.

And while writing all of this, I downloaded some Power Rangers episodes. Oh that Natsuki. Such a charmer. I actually cried a little when the Pink Ranger learned to smile.

I also read this. Yes it is from a videogame. The game was specially modified so a person could pose characters and give them different clothes. Jeff is one of the funnier ones out there. It also does not have naked characters running around. So yeah, future, weird, Seattle Super Geek. But I don't wear that much black. Or drink cofee. Or act like I some how discovered the Bidet on accident. And I am a nerd.

Such a long point less post.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

An update on the Names thing. I got a better link.
Now I need to remember my Roman Numerals. Haven't used them in a while.

While looking for the 9 year old brat. I found this

I mentioned this to some friends. But here is some evidence. Yes thats right, chinese sweat shops for videogames. No not programming them, these workers are playing them. The characters will be sold for money. It is quite the joke in the videogame world.

It gets weirder. This game - I fully intend to play it- is very likely a future sweat shop game. Right now parents are leveling up there kids. But in time the kids will demand more.

So yeah, art...

I don't really have time. This guy makes an interesting puzzle though. 5er0 = Vernon. So what do the other things mean? I don't know how long its up there so I will copy it off.

Note: Some of you may be mentally pronouncing "5er0" as "Sero" or "Zero." That is incorrect. The A.I.'s name is pronounced "Vernon." See, the "5" is converted to the roman numeral "V," and the "0" (zero) is converted to the synonym "none," which is phonetically reduced to "non." This scheme for creating names that are difficult to verbally decode is common with some artificial intelligences. 5er0 has a co-worker named Ga6n, and friends named 10a6er, A50ger0, 1000a100ey, 6100tor, A5050en, 10001100hae50, and 500a6500.

While it may be a lot of things, this particular naming trend is clearly neither a compression nor a disambiguation algorithm, as both 10001100hae50 and his batch-sister 10001100he5050e can attest.

The other thing I found was on the debate of Videogames != Art. Sorry, I am doing programming homework. It kicks in wether I like it or not. The interesting thing about this article is where it is coming from. The author is part of the Roger Ebert Website. Of which started the whole argument. So it is interesting reading. I kept getting the feeling that some of the people where trying to please Roger Ebert.

One of the jobs a of a Critic is to give an opinion. The reason the critic is doing this, is to help the reader make up his or her own opinion. Just copying off an opinion is defeating the purpose.

BAck to homework.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I think this one says enough. I my self enjoy Firefox a great deal. And its free!

When I see this I get confused. I look through the catalog, for guns I would not mind getting. And then I think to my self. Why are these for sale? What the heck would somebody want with these?

I have a purpose and some reasons to buy a gun. The mixed feelings are just so strong.

I guess its because I grew up with guns in Idaho. I liked them, but I knew people who would use them for wrong reasons. It is not fun knowing, that parts of my home town had snipers.

This sort of gets into Iraq. If the military where to invade my hometown. I would understand. I would still be worried about my friends. When ever I hear people talk about what an Iraqi feels like. I realize, most people have never had snipers. How would they know how it felt.

Yet, I still like guns. There are a couple of guns I play in videogames. I have used them in game so often I am wondering what they are like in real life. Would be kind of fun to shoot them. And the videogame/simulator thing can get weird. Many forums for videogames demand that games make accurate games. What the writer means is they want military movements and 'realistic' gun control. They are scared half to death of actual realism. Such things as civilians in game frighten them. "Civilianst just get in the way."

Real life gets worse. If you see a civilian, you have no idea wether the civilian is an enemy or not.

That is a game I would like to make. Have a town, place soldiers in it. Then place civilians. The civilian players are allowed to shoot back. They can gain there own 'military' standing. The rest would try to dodge the military as best as possible.

If there is a gun fight, the civilian would be trying to get out of the way. Maybe even hide a family. The soldiers job is to figure out who is an enemy, and who is a civilian. If they shoot a civvy, they lose points. Then just let the game go. Don't put a time limit. Just have it go, see what happens.

Sorry, the subject gets onto odd stuff.

It just all circles together. No wonder I get confused when I see some of this stuff for sale.

I really don't , But I think this list has a nice accuracy to it. Makes the Videogames as art conversation so much more academic.

I spoke to soon.
The language being shown is Korean, in case you where wondering. Circles in lettering only show up in Korean.

Well back to the drawing board.

If you are looking to do more with your pets. Try this.
If you are looking to relive your childhood, or mine at least. Try this.
If you lose at both try either this or this. Really I wish Neh San were here. He would get such a kick out of the last two. Heck, he might have even offered them for sale.

Monday, April 17, 2006

On Sunday I finally figured out some things. The big part is to name my future job, and explain it. There is an unknown amount of jobs in this world. The job market is in a constant flux with jobs becoming useful and others slowly moving away. A good example of this would be a pooper scooper, because of cars this is not a big time job anymore. There certainly are pooper scooper people, but the job is no longer a major employing vehicle.

The crap with my job is that it is so new. It gets to the point that my degree is not offered by any college I know of. My best bet would be to take 3 equivelant degrees and offer my services this way. My future job is that of a modelist. I am not refering to the cat walk -I'm to Sachsy for that- nor am I refering to making a comical character with a computer. Think of the different between a Physician and a Physicist.

A modelist would be a person that tries to recreate something in a computer. A great example would be a falling leaf. We have no way to predict where the falling leaf will land. What can be done, is a leaf can be observed falling. A modelist would take the movements of the leaf and try to copy them over to a computer. With this information, a modelist can take this new model - the physics and information used to copy the movements- and use it in other places. The modelist could take information and create a world for a videogame or a movie and help with the planning of both. This way the physics in the movie will be similar with the game.

I hope to make videogames and movies using the same models. The leaves can be used for some special effect in a movie, and then applied to a game. I think it would be a fun game to attempt to get a leave into a certain place using the enviroment around you. With the more models in real time trying to copy off real world things, we end up with more knowledge.

Another great way to explain this, Videogames and Movies use the same techiniques to tell stories. Final Fantasy 7 used many of the same 'tricks' that where used in Sky Captain. No one has really tried to take the same engine that built final fantasy and use it for movies, with better graphics.

Even more future goals are like this. At the moment we can only observe things. At some point I hope to take atoms and apply them using the same models I have created. A time based system of atoms building something for me, lets say a space station. With the proper information and then the real world results the ability to control the space station with just a computer is quite possible. Far more interesting is that many of these programs will have been through Movies and Videogames as well as science halls.

I don't think anyone has even thought of this kind of career. Which is ok. I don't mind being a camera guy while waiting. I would prefer a director, but a camera guy would pay the bills.

My uncle had a similar experience. He uses computers to plan out supply schedules for construction. At first he did not get any jobs, no one had even heard of that degree. He now works for several different multi-billion dollar contracts. I figure this will be what will happen to me. It was going to happen anyway, a director takes several years to get established enough to make a film.

Right now, I need to figure out what college will accept me and have my degree. Maybe I should contact different companies and tell them what my goals are. They may be able to point me in the right direction. But since Sunday, I have a name and a way to describe my job. I hope the vernacular comes next. I am having a tought time figuring out what to call stuff.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

I am going to write in Englisch for the moment. Something I have noticed, while learning so many languages is sentence structure. I have looked at the many ways an Englisch sentence should be written. I have also realized that is based on the ideals of the people who made the rules. They have changed to the point that there are several ways to speak Englisch. The problem comes when we get nit-picky. The truth shows us that a word has some basic parts to it, and the rest can be ignored. This might sound odd, but think about it.

If I where to use a Canadian spellcheck I would have to add a U to armor. The list does not stop or begin at Armour either. It also gets a but peculuar when I read Mark Twain and Charles Dickens. The armoir within the writings is very different. Englisch is understood and spoken. The spellings and use of Englisch is different. In modern times the spellcheck asks which form of Englisch should be checked.

My problem begins when I realize how Englisch is changing. Yet, my Englisch teachers seem to not care. They continue to show the difference and demand conformity. How odd is it not, that if a teacher from a Social Studies class where to say the Berlin Wall still stands, the teacher would be corrected. The reason why is that the teacher did not keep up with what is happening today. The teacher could say, the Berlin Wall still stands in many hearts. This would be true, but the physical wall has fallen.

The same would be true of a Science teacher, if the teacher where to teach that we have not landed on the moon. The books might teach it but the teacher would be obligated to keep the students up to date.

Englisch has not stood still either. Many poets and authors have shown how Englisch is changing and growing. The problem comes with some of the old information. In ancient times Englisch did not look like what we have. It had not been properly followed yet. A king by the name of Alfred had the language copied and studied so that the language could have a basis on it. One of the rules was that people stop writing new words. If a linguist did not know what something was, they made a new name for it. Thus many things had the same word.

This studying did not help totally. Things where still changing, swerd became sword, and some how we got two theres. Very likely it was a different spelling of the same word. When it came time to it spelled, the author just put both in. Slowly the words changed meaning. Though in truth they where the same word, and the meaning has not changed much over the centuries either.

This changing took several hundred years, it lead to the language I am writing today. A century ago Englisch writers began to write down new words. Keen was cool and hip to the noobs in this language. Englisch majors also began to think of new words. The ring Wraiths would not named except for JRR Tolkiens decision to make a new word.

Raymond Carver wrote several amazing short stories. They spoke in new ways. The period became the break. The use for commas began to change. If I wrote like that, my teacher would become angry. I was not conforming to the changing language.

The teacher gives the students the very basics of the language. Then several new words are added, the words are not fully explained. Why have the teachers forgotten to include why the word is spelled that way? There is a great deal to learn about this wonderful language that can help students adapt to these changes. An understanding of why things are spelled, for instance the origins of words. A deeper understanding would make the students more literate. If a new word came forward the student could translate it. Take for instance the word in, it means in. It is used to show how other words are used, like inside. This better understanding of our own language can help the student understand other languages.

It becomes a thorn in my side, I write something and want a critique of what I wrote. The critiquer is only able to make sentence structure mistakes and comments on spelling. I ask the critiquer what he or she thought of the word usage, but the critiquer barely knows what these words mean. The deeper dialogue of our language is being lost because it is not being taught.

What I propose is not simple, but it will make smarter students. A recognition of our language is needed to help it change properly. The ultimate goal is that Englisch speakers soon find that actual language and spelling of things. When I write I hope to some day have some one not my choice of words, not only what I chose, but how I chose to spell it.

Oh unt here

Mein Freundsen 21 y Jahrid both thought up un neu lingua. Spangleustch, Yo asken them por la namen a un lingue de Ingles, unt Deustch, and Spanish.
Mi familia sprechen en der lingua, y yo no conoce a namen por la lingua. Spangleustch ist un Kool lingua. Mein Freundsen en Phoenix habla der original ligua, Changlish. Este el lingua de Chino unt Englisch.
Now Tengo un wunterbar lingua par ich.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

I like watching Politics, but I still think this would have been awsome.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Fairly soon I will find this out. I am wondering if I am putting to much up. I don't think I have an actual fan base. So I guess a personal diary works. Great place to store really odd websites.
Anyway, Here is some Geek stuff.
Here is intructions on how to start your own Wiki. I intend to try it out with my website. Thus creating a Wiki on what ever the heck I feel like. Cool huh.

I figured this would happen in a Final Fantasy world. Also a great comic. But I should make warning on the cussing. By the time you are back to the present, you will want Sword Chucks.

Then we have some energy saving stuff. A scooter that runs on electricity. I hope this will not be as annoying as those kids that make those really dumb scooters. They think they own the road, yet the thing could be crushed by my bike.

The next energy saver is a bed of lights. They have made a light using the same idea as the Cellphone light. Only now it is much brighter. So It is possible to have an entire room of light. Boy that would be weird.

Anyway, have a nice day.

Cows with Guns

  • Wouldn't the cow version of Che Revera be called Moo Revera
  • How does he have udders?
  • Why did they burn the feed. Thats food. They just destroyed food
  • Wouldn't that mean they have to start eating meat.
  • When did Chickens get the money for Apaches?
  • How do they control the Apaches?
  • What are the Chickens going to eat?
  • Why didn't the cow use the Uzis on the farmers?
  • Where they specially built for him?
  • Bad Cow Pun
  • Steaks where high.
  • Cow Tse Tung sounds like Cow Satan

I just realized, I have an extensive collection of Mech's for sale.

Item 1- This site even comes with a video of the MEch moving. The problem is this. The video is quite dull. The mech on the other hand really should not be.

Item 2- Actually its an entire blog, dedicated to all things good and mech.

Item 3- Vlad the Impaler does mechs?

Item4- I would say this is the great one. They are building a real mech, for actual war. I wonder when the Power Rangers will start showing up.

If you find a cool Mech or Robot thing. Let me know. I will be more then happy to show it off.

PS- Doesn't it look like the Red Ranger gave off a Powerful Fart?

This is an excellent peice of code here. The parts at the bottom that say, "One", "Two", and so on, can be changed. Just type in a new phrase for each. Then hit preview.

I finally found this post. Mario Anime!
My brother found it and sent it to me.

If I had the time and money, I would be playing this.

Acclaim is trying to regroup. Actually it fell, and died. So this is Acclaim 2. There is a site selling all of the IPs for the company. Over a thousand I think.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

How about some pictures of crazy french people holding a Nintendo Revelution controller.

The guy pretending to be a Borg is just classic. And then the same guy has a gun and a sword. The pictures are really cool. I do want to add that a girl in the pictures really should not have smiled. She is quite nice looking. Her teeth decided to disagree.

This is to show off that the makers of Splinter Cell have the first screens of a Revelution game. Not some picture that might be a game, actual pictures. Makes one want to go to France. And hand those people some toothe paste.

Japanese Toy Robots
Really thats all I need to say.

I just made this test. With it comes some pretty funny tests as well. I have not finished the Power Rangers test just yet. So expect to not get anything.

Ok so, If you take this test, and get a %70 or higher. You may see a picture of -what seems to be- Seth.

The site is weird. I was looking for weird tests for a homework quiz I have to write.

I love it when Nerds act insulted. They think that some how there obsessive tendencies should be everyone elses obsesive tendencies. So when some one says that Videogames can lead to something. They get insulted. But when ever some one says, "It's just a game", they start talking about how games have changed there lives. Of course then the movie people get on the act. They tell videogamers to get lives. Should the physics people just call every one an arrogant nerd and show people how to have fun?
I admit a crush on a certain charachter in Animal Crossing.
Her name is Velma. She is an intelligent, and well read, pink goat.

The guy at Lost Garden is -by my opinion- the most intelligent of the commentators. That does not mean that there are other commentators.
The Escapist is issued every week, and for free. But I keep getting the feeling that people in it are not quite aware of how oblivious they sound. At some points some of the commentators make the opposite view seem more and more real.

A usual plavce for commentary would be 4color Rebelion. The guy admits to being a nerd. But you get some great info, as well as great art. I would recomend the opinions on Japanese games. The guy has connections.

Of course Joystiq has the fastest news team. But they can't seem to figure out why girls don't play games. A few articles later they start talking about how E3 needs more booth babes.

This has very little to do with the subject. But it is cool. It was orginally an April Fools joke. But after some responses they are trying to make it true.

The videogame industry has its website. It is the best source for Industry News. I jsut noticed that the site is made in PHP. So the site makers are not dumb. Usually it is made with HTML and then javascript. This makes updating difficult.

The videogame people have some great news sources. But most of them end up feeling unclean. So this is why Lost Garden is so nice. An intelligent look at some industry practices and uses is amazing. I am not saying don't look at the others, I check them every day. Lost Garden just seems to be the best.

Now that this is finished. I realized I need to write an article on Flaming in forums. I know the perfect example too.

Seeing as I am making political stuff at the moment. Here is a great one.

"The only real difference between republicans and democrats is that democrats suck at lying.
That's because Republicans are professional liars where Democrats are pathological liars."

Great stuff.

Global Warming is all around us. It should, Spring is here. A common cycle that we all know very well. What most people don't realize, is that there are even longer cycles for the Earth.

Two noted scientists have mentioned this.
Here is one. I don't know very much about him so I will just let you read his article.

The other is noted author Michael Crichton. He is a smart man. If you look at some of his early speeches, he talks about the internet. He predicts a lot of things the internet is doing today. The change in NEWs. RSS feeds, and much more. So when he comes out and says, "Global Warming is a Crock." I listen.

I am both enjoying and loathing my Independence at this moment. I can make up my own mind, but no one will listen.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I enjoy a well written essay, most especially when they are written by some one who does more then the surface level stuff. I am going to college to become a Game Developer -amongst other things. So this blog is really usefull to me. He has written some great articles. A great example would be this one about Nintendo. Anything I would say about the article would just be repeating him.
So it comes with no surprise that one of his articles touches on videogame lingo. No, not stuff like power ups and stat points. More like design lingo. Anyway, he recomends this site. It talks about each innovative game and sets a lingo for it. This should come in handy for the next time I am talking to videogame creators. Which at the moment is... nunca.

Monday, April 10, 2006

I realize that I have very few readers. But I think we should all put our money together for this.
It looks to be much cooler then 21's pink scooter.
We should add large paintball guns. And have a doll of Jabba the Hut on top. Oh yeah.
Not many times that a person can find something like this. And for a reasonable price as well. Read the comments for it. Quite funny.

I really don't have time at the moment. But I found some articles for people that are "into" computers. By this I mean the guy who helped build my computer. I guess he lives after all.

The second one is for Firefox Mozilla. I have spoken with a lot of computer guys. Firefox is the best choice out there. It is the most secure, and it is the most usable web browser out. The guy looks really geeky though. The article talks about different web browser language editors. They hook right into the browser. Reminds me of when Netscape was a good program.

The third would even make those other guys tremble. Talk about Computer Science as a major. I guess Post docs get 6 figures right out of college. And so few study that far. The people who do get those CS PHds are huge in the computer world. Miyamato has one. And he is an art major.

Now if you don't mind. I have to get back to PHP homework.

I was looking at the personal info thing. It was just staring right back at me. I began to wonder what I should put down. I didn't see anything for my old job. I think it would be odd. Finding a place to put down. Retired/ former job: Hitman. Reason for Retiring: The law figured out who I was.
Just once I wish I could answer that questionaire truthfully. But no, I can't. I put down agriculture. Which I guess I did help out with. Well ok, similar idea. They cut stuff up and send them to the dumpster. I do that same thing.

Now a days I just walk around. Tell people I am a student. I even take classes. My friends keep asking me where I get the money. I said Federal Aide. I'm not lying. I did a couple jobs for them. And they are now paying for college. So why explain the entire story?
I am having problems though. This guy, who helped build my computer. He noticed some of my files. Computer guys always know where to find hidden files. He knows to much I think. He might be a good friend. But he has to go. If I want to pretend on being a student. I don't need questions asked.

Well good morning. I need sleep. But I got classes so I won't get them.

If anyone out there knows what This means. I would be greatly appreciative.
Oh yeah, I am also into Power Rangers. I figured that would be expected. Giant robots, super suits making fun of stuff. Yeah, Power Rangers man. pass the Morphin.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The world would be a remiss if I didn't post this
Or for that matter this

Not as rhymy but it works.

I have found some special videos. They Might Be Giants Videos.

Lets just kick it off now.

Part 1

Part 1

Part 1

Anyway, I also found a nifty object for sale. It keeps computers from being damaged. Check out the stres test here.
Part 1

One other file. But it isn't that important. Unless you like Warhammer.
Warhammer Part 1

I checked out the first episode of Garo today. It has a shot of a painting. The painting is evil. It shows a woman. What we see is that she is naked from the waste up. It is assumed she is naked the rest of the way. It is never shown that far though. The painting posses a guy instead. Anyway, I was expecting some darkness in the show. But really, I was hoping for no nudity. I hope the rest of the show does not do this.

I have a list of movies I call Favorite Dissapointments and I hope not to add this show to it.

Friday, April 07, 2006

My Aunt is a librarian. And this is a dead ringer for her. I don't know why she wants the ringer dead. I hear she will pay good money to see it done though.

Speaking of people I don't want to see in Wal-Mart.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sweet Dreams I hope you don't have nightmares.

Or even strike fear into your mind.

Have a quick night snack and go to bed

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

To be honest I have dreams like this all the time.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Seeing as I am just starting this. I wish to point out that I a robot-geek. I did not make the robots. I am just impressed by them.

Test Test Test
1-2 1-2

Please don't blow into the microphone or tap it. The mic costs some $300 and I don't want to replace it. Most especially because of stupidity.