Saturday, April 29, 2006

There are very few fans like Nintendo fans. Other systems will be supported, but its a relative like. Nintendo fans try to get autographs from the companies movers and shakers.
So when the name Wii came out, the videogame part of the internet nearly crashed. Nintendo has released information on it.

The thing is, look at the majority of system names. Gamecube, XBox -Halo anyone?- Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Turbo Graphic 16, Pc Drive 6800 -released in Japan-, and the list continues. The truth is the name is not any better then the GameGear or the VirtualBoy. Then lets look at other electronic items, Vaio, Sony, heck Microsoft, My graphics card is the ATI x800 All-in-Wonder, The GForce 4. The names for companies don't have it any better Valve, Steam, Nibris, Rock Bottom Remainders, Retro, Rare, Silicon Knights, Midway, Electronic Arts. The name thing is fairly relative. There was also a backlash for XBox 360 or Playstation 3.

The name itself is cool. Keep in mind I like linguistics, and making a word that can mean something fun in several languages would be difficult. Taking the double ii from Japanese and including it with an onomonatapea -does this sound right?- of fun Weeee!!!!!. I also realized that ! looks like i when I wrote it together.

The funny part is that most of the negative reactions have been in the idea that Wii means a phallis -I use this word so as not to cause giggling- and that it must be brought up in that light a lot. What has not occured to these naysayers is this; if it is viewed in such a phallic way, what happens when you don't have a Wii?

The very same day I read the announcement I did something. I finally bought a Nintendo DS. I spent a lot of money, got three games -Anyone know a cheatcode to get Velma?- and am now quite busy enjoying the games. I will probably enjoy these games for quite some time. Brain Age really does have the best version of Sudoku. And I can finnally play more Castlevania games.

This all was decided because I realized how much I enjoyed just playing games. Fun games, games that explore my mind. And the best part about most of these is that I can put them down -sort of- and do something else important, like write in a blog about myself.

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