Tuesday, April 18, 2006

When I see this I get confused. I look through the catalog, for guns I would not mind getting. And then I think to my self. Why are these for sale? What the heck would somebody want with these?

I have a purpose and some reasons to buy a gun. The mixed feelings are just so strong.

I guess its because I grew up with guns in Idaho. I liked them, but I knew people who would use them for wrong reasons. It is not fun knowing, that parts of my home town had snipers.

This sort of gets into Iraq. If the military where to invade my hometown. I would understand. I would still be worried about my friends. When ever I hear people talk about what an Iraqi feels like. I realize, most people have never had snipers. How would they know how it felt.

Yet, I still like guns. There are a couple of guns I play in videogames. I have used them in game so often I am wondering what they are like in real life. Would be kind of fun to shoot them. And the videogame/simulator thing can get weird. Many forums for videogames demand that games make accurate games. What the writer means is they want military movements and 'realistic' gun control. They are scared half to death of actual realism. Such things as civilians in game frighten them. "Civilianst just get in the way."

Real life gets worse. If you see a civilian, you have no idea wether the civilian is an enemy or not.

That is a game I would like to make. Have a town, place soldiers in it. Then place civilians. The civilian players are allowed to shoot back. They can gain there own 'military' standing. The rest would try to dodge the military as best as possible.

If there is a gun fight, the civilian would be trying to get out of the way. Maybe even hide a family. The soldiers job is to figure out who is an enemy, and who is a civilian. If they shoot a civvy, they lose points. Then just let the game go. Don't put a time limit. Just have it go, see what happens.

Sorry, the subject gets onto odd stuff.

It just all circles together. No wonder I get confused when I see some of this stuff for sale.

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