Friday, April 21, 2006

Just a few quick articles.
1up has a great article about Animal Crossing. Did I ever mention that I had a crush on Velma the pink goat for a long time. Even to this day I want to find the save card that had her in the town.

Slashdot has an article on different games for the DS. It seems that Nintendo is really winning the popularity contest. A joystiq poll showed that Nintendo was the company people where interested in. I think a good reason for this is the famliy friendly approach. Gamers are suddenly seeing how Family Friendly can help a girlfriend play games.

Speaking of Nintendo. Yes I signed up. I highly doubt I will win though.

If you want nothing to do with games. Perhaps a Camera connected to a cow will do it.

Watched the first 2 episodes of Magiranger. It has a Harry Potter feel to it. I keep expecting Hermione to show up. Of course Spiderman would know how this feels.

Hermione with a mech. Maybe she and Velma could combine powers and... Never mind.

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