Monday, April 24, 2006

I am coming up with a cool idea. Rather then just talk about the shows I am watching, I should find the first episode of each, and release them on my blog. This way the shows get some advertising. Just an idea.

A cool idea. Make games using Google Maps. They mention risk. That would be awsome.

Joystic is working on a definitive list of games being made for the Nintendo Revolution. It seems that a lot of videogame journalists are looking forward to this system.

I am figuring out some of the vernacular for Modelism.
First up is Predictive Equations, this means that the person judges all the information and can create an equation on what will happen. For instance, a Goomba sees an enemie and attacks.
The equations I will be working with a lot more is Interpretive Equations, these equations are much more object oriented. Mario sees a Goomba, this is not as predictive. Mario has many options on how to deal with the Goomba. Because I can't predict what Mario will do, I can only write what happend. I would record everything that happened, and then try to include them all within an equation.
The equations that describe what happened are pulled from several Basic equations. In programming we call these Functions. We already know that this might happen so an equation is already prepared for this part. The jumping equation, the sneak equation, the punch equation. And then what Mario actually does is placed in the Interpretive equation.
There is also a Commanditive Equation, something in this realm will happen and always will happen. A leaf falls down, so you don't need to prepare an equation on the leafs upward journey. You can prepare a set of equations on the reaction to wind, and there for a traveling upward. In the end the leaf will touch the ground at some time.
A Reactionary Equation is for a reaction to an even. The movie Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers did this. They took several basic reactionary equations, applied them to several thousand CGI characters and let them loose. Because of this the screeen was filled with battle, and the filmers did not have to place commands for each character.

The next phrase is A Real World Model, where you take actual objects and attempt to predict how they will react. This can be applied to people, the show Survivor can be used. A group of people are placed in a situation and have certain rules, they must now deal with the situation. The Shows producers predicted that it would be about surviving and the people who couldn't last would be voted off the island. Instead it became a game of wills over who would win.
I would like to make several Real World Models of social ideals. For isntance a dictatorship, and a socialist society. Although the show being recorded would seem like entertainment, the reality is that they are being observed and interprestted by scientists. Entertainment and Science can work together.
The Computer Model is used pretty much how it sounds.

The end result is the observation and interpretation of complex events and situations.

I have an example of this is pretty easy. While working with this program (Download the song). I discovered that I could block the falling sand with particles. Using another version I discovered that sand travelling upwards can block the sand from hitting a specific spot. The hypothosis is that if I was able to aim the sand to hit itself at an angle, it would block itself and fall down a different area. After figuring out how to do this with a new program, I would then go into a 3 Dimensional sand game and attempt to test this. After a certain point I would then attempt to copy off my findings in a small Real World Model. If I get that to work, I would attempt to create a Full World System that blocks rain with jetting water. A nice resterraunt or something would be beneath. The tests for Wind and hail have already been made by the time the Full World System is created.

The end resault would be a couple nice games and a cool resteraunt. The scientific realm would have some interesting equations, and the movie industry can use the same programs to create better particle effects.

I have some examples of Modelism being used. The animations you see have basic commands, but the reactions are entirely Real Time. Lucas Arts and Industrial Light and Magic have been merging into a single company. The idea is that using the videogame and movie effects together will make a better film and game. The idea of a single computer model for both movie and videogame is a goal for me within modelism.

Lets get something quite straight. Modelism is not a religion. I just see that a lot of people are in need of something like this, or they are working toward it. I have just named it and am trying to build up the idea. My ultimate goal is to make a film and videogame using the same team and model. The info for the model will help Science and I get paid enough to take care of a wife and kids. Thats my goal, I have no predictive statement for this. Though it would be nice.

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