Friday, April 14, 2006

Fairly soon I will find this out. I am wondering if I am putting to much up. I don't think I have an actual fan base. So I guess a personal diary works. Great place to store really odd websites.
Anyway, Here is some Geek stuff.
Here is intructions on how to start your own Wiki. I intend to try it out with my website. Thus creating a Wiki on what ever the heck I feel like. Cool huh.

I figured this would happen in a Final Fantasy world. Also a great comic. But I should make warning on the cussing. By the time you are back to the present, you will want Sword Chucks.

Then we have some energy saving stuff. A scooter that runs on electricity. I hope this will not be as annoying as those kids that make those really dumb scooters. They think they own the road, yet the thing could be crushed by my bike.

The next energy saver is a bed of lights. They have made a light using the same idea as the Cellphone light. Only now it is much brighter. So It is possible to have an entire room of light. Boy that would be weird.

Anyway, have a nice day.

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