Thursday, April 20, 2006

A pretty funny commentary. They author is well written. Brain Age is a game designed by a scientist that studies brains. He said that videogames do not work out other parts of the brain. So Nintendo offered him the chance to design a game. It has Sudoku, it is also quite interesting. Only to be played a little bit every day. Just a little work out.
The other part about this is game, is that it is not a game. No really, it was designed to help non-videogamer types to increase there mental capacity. Doctors in Japan are prescribing this game to patients.
Other games like this are Nintendogs and Elektroplankton.

It is an odd commentary, when most videogame creators say they are going mainstream, they mean a violent and twisted world with super realistic graphics. When Nintendo says they are going mainstream, they mean Middle Aged women, middle aged men, people that don't play videogames.

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