Monday, March 19, 2007

Cool News

John Stosseltalks about how much reporters are tricked by lawyers. He goes into how we are scared of all sorts of unimportant stuff.

P2P ruins a pirates life. Arrgh. Or more like a guy selling DVDs out of his pick up made a ton of money. Then P2Ps got faster then he could make movies.

There is an International Space Consortium happening. Which means that Space organizations are working together to explore space and save money.

A computer controlled by thoughts. Now imagine all the porn this poor fool will accidentlally download when he first gets the controller.

The new horrible thing on TV is Gore. Not Al. Recently shows have been trying to go over the top to deal with You Tube. Such things as having peoples ears cut off and shown. Really, I have no interest in these shows, and am slowly realizing that TV is doing its death nell.

A single Photon computer. To give you an idea on how cool this is. It can connect to any computer with out wires. It just sends the info to a reciever. Using Quantum theorum. Computers are going in directions few can imagine.

A columnist discusses the law and youtube. How You Tube is being treated like a P2P. And what might be the future depending on either outcome of the Supreme Court decision.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Just some links

I don't post here very often. I can't think of anything to write really. The worst is that I have no idea if I have readers. So I stopped, seeing as I have no idea who I am reaching.

This is an interesting article debating the use of Global Warming as a political trick.
This is an article on a section of Somalia that seems to be doing well.
This is an article talking about what the movie, "Who Killed the Electric Car" didn't talk about.

Friday, March 02, 2007

A Military Videogame By the Military

Ever wonder what the future of military technology will be? Play this game. No really, it's a game based on the ideas for how the miltary will operate in 2010. Which is 3 years from now. Robots flying silently over targets. Spying, or dropping bombs. Soldiers with cameras connected to them, so that HQ can watch everything and send the proper resourced forward. So everything is connected to you. Check supplies, check what you have. Then figure out how long it will take for these things to move. Yes, this is a real thing. A game, showing off how the miltary works. And they haven't kiddied it yet. It is full of jargon that no one will understand. And you have to figure it all out. Just to play the game properly. I know I am downloading it.
My biggest questiong is this, "When will I get the robots to connect together to make a giant mecha in the form of a man?"

Stop Breathing and Save the Planet

No really, it is the best thing for the entire world. Everyone will be much happier if you and all your friends stopped breathing. Well Breath Less would be better. Just take less breaths and the environment will be saved. Carbon Dioxide will not spread through out the world, and global warming will ebb.
In other news. Fat people make less problems for the environment. If they are breathing less, -hence the insult of "mouth breather"- then the world is saved because of them. Think about it. All that exercise just makes you breath harder. So stop it right now. We should all raise our goblets to those amazing obese people of the world. They will save us all.