Monday, February 19, 2007

More links

This page discusses the war within Islam.
I got a link to this one, from the previous. It is about a nonprofit organization that lets you donate to specific things.
The last one is very interesting. A videogame designer is setting up an outsourcing studio for videogames. He wants to give the people a better life.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Several links to the English 102 essay

Seeing as the subject is Child Porn. I get kind of creeped out on the whole matter. Which is why I am writing about it.
The first one shows a 6 billion dollar figure. The commentors don't believe it.
The Second is on how the P2P networks are dealing with it.
The third is on catching the new network systems coming up.
The fourth is about Napsters creator trying to go legit.
The fifth is about a group that is helping to track such subjects down. the wall of shame is one of them.
The sixth shows the connection between P2Ps and Child porn.
The seventh shows that congress is debating the matter.
The eighth says there are too many who are violated to fully investigate.
The Ninth is about how the RIAA is getting into the battle.
The Tenth is a joke about teens cybering.
It looks like the Eleventh could be the same as the ninth.
The Twelfth is on a very strange idea on the future of zex.
The thirteenth is showing anothers research on the subject. It is long and is Pdf.
The fourteenth is Wikipedias statement on Cyber Sex. It mentions sexual predators.
The fifteenth is talking abotu the thirteenth studies.
The Sixteenth is on Cyber Stalking which is similar. Another Pdf here.
The Seventeenth is Wikipedias statements on Child Grooming.
The eighteenth is from a crisis group on Internet sex. It shows no references.
The ninteenth is talking about how the English government is being run by the Masons. And that they are running child pedophilia slave shops. It also has no references.
The Twentieth talks about the laws around the subject in America and international borders.
The Twenty First is another PDF leaflet.
The Twenty Second is a site from a group trying to fight against child rape on the net.
The Twenty Third is a British community trying to stop such crimes as well.
The Twenty Fourth gives out some quick and easy to follow info. It will likely be quoted the most. Because of lack of info.

Child Pornography

I am scared.
Not because these kids are idiots. Teenagers are always that way.
I think that what happened was that the pics ended up on the internet in general. Suddenly these kids are porn stars. And it is now in the office of the Florida State.
Obviously this is my opinion, so I don't know what to think on the matter. But if my opinion is true. Then we have a scary thing happening.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Great Tutorial

Here. A tutorial on how to make a good beat em up game. I didn't have time to try out the code today. But I will soon.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Stuff to watch

Is my English teachers blog. Pretty good stuff.

Is about someone trying to be in a burqa. In Yakima. Pretty cool.