Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I love it when Nerds act insulted. They think that some how there obsessive tendencies should be everyone elses obsesive tendencies. So when some one says that Videogames can lead to something. They get insulted. But when ever some one says, "It's just a game", they start talking about how games have changed there lives. Of course then the movie people get on the act. They tell videogamers to get lives. Should the physics people just call every one an arrogant nerd and show people how to have fun?
I admit a crush on a certain charachter in Animal Crossing.
Her name is Velma. She is an intelligent, and well read, pink goat.

The guy at Lost Garden is -by my opinion- the most intelligent of the commentators. That does not mean that there are other commentators.
The Escapist is issued every week, and for free. But I keep getting the feeling that people in it are not quite aware of how oblivious they sound. At some points some of the commentators make the opposite view seem more and more real.

A usual plavce for commentary would be 4color Rebelion. The guy admits to being a nerd. But you get some great info, as well as great art. I would recomend the opinions on Japanese games. The guy has connections.

Of course Joystiq has the fastest news team. But they can't seem to figure out why girls don't play games. A few articles later they start talking about how E3 needs more booth babes.

This has very little to do with the subject. But it is cool. It was orginally an April Fools joke. But after some responses they are trying to make it true.

The videogame industry has its website. It is the best source for Industry News. I jsut noticed that the site is made in PHP. So the site makers are not dumb. Usually it is made with HTML and then javascript. This makes updating difficult.

The videogame people have some great news sources. But most of them end up feeling unclean. So this is why Lost Garden is so nice. An intelligent look at some industry practices and uses is amazing. I am not saying don't look at the others, I check them every day. Lost Garden just seems to be the best.

Now that this is finished. I realized I need to write an article on Flaming in forums. I know the perfect example too.

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