Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I don't really have time. This guy makes an interesting puzzle though. 5er0 = Vernon. So what do the other things mean? I don't know how long its up there so I will copy it off.

Note: Some of you may be mentally pronouncing "5er0" as "Sero" or "Zero." That is incorrect. The A.I.'s name is pronounced "Vernon." See, the "5" is converted to the roman numeral "V," and the "0" (zero) is converted to the synonym "none," which is phonetically reduced to "non." This scheme for creating names that are difficult to verbally decode is common with some artificial intelligences. 5er0 has a co-worker named Ga6n, and friends named 10a6er, A50ger0, 1000a100ey, 6100tor, A5050en, 10001100hae50, and 500a6500.

While it may be a lot of things, this particular naming trend is clearly neither a compression nor a disambiguation algorithm, as both 10001100hae50 and his batch-sister 10001100he5050e can attest.

The other thing I found was on the debate of Videogames != Art. Sorry, I am doing programming homework. It kicks in wether I like it or not. The interesting thing about this article is where it is coming from. The author is part of the Roger Ebert Website. Of which started the whole argument. So it is interesting reading. I kept getting the feeling that some of the people where trying to please Roger Ebert.

One of the jobs a of a Critic is to give an opinion. The reason the critic is doing this, is to help the reader make up his or her own opinion. Just copying off an opinion is defeating the purpose.

BAck to homework.

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