Monday, April 10, 2006

I was looking at the personal info thing. It was just staring right back at me. I began to wonder what I should put down. I didn't see anything for my old job. I think it would be odd. Finding a place to put down. Retired/ former job: Hitman. Reason for Retiring: The law figured out who I was.
Just once I wish I could answer that questionaire truthfully. But no, I can't. I put down agriculture. Which I guess I did help out with. Well ok, similar idea. They cut stuff up and send them to the dumpster. I do that same thing.

Now a days I just walk around. Tell people I am a student. I even take classes. My friends keep asking me where I get the money. I said Federal Aide. I'm not lying. I did a couple jobs for them. And they are now paying for college. So why explain the entire story?
I am having problems though. This guy, who helped build my computer. He noticed some of my files. Computer guys always know where to find hidden files. He knows to much I think. He might be a good friend. But he has to go. If I want to pretend on being a student. I don't need questions asked.

Well good morning. I need sleep. But I got classes so I won't get them.

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