Sunday, April 30, 2006

To give you an idea on how obsessed Nintendo fans are.

Oh yeah, I signed up for MySpace. But I really won't be doing anything with it. I use it to check out my friends posts on it. What is an Extended Network? I noticed a few of my friends are listing this in big bolg letters. I am in there Extended Network. I would be very happy to know how I got there. How can I view this Extended Network? Will there be some kind of surprise for me.

Why should I be wearing purple? What is Ask Ninja .com?

Brother just pointed out that some girl has been watching me during church. I can't tell if he is joking or not. So to this nice girl -who seems to be stalking me- Hello!

Also this This This And This

I wish to point out the artistry in these costumes. I should warn you that they are based on Anime characters. So be prepared.

I decided to go to the website of the girl who designed and wore the clothing. The sites name is presented at the end of the video. I check it out. Every thing is fine until I see the advertisement. Turns out she is a porn star for another website. The Cos-Play site is fine. But it becomes obvious that there is a trick. For this reason I have taken down the link to her site. Very unfortunate. Sorry.

On further looking at the site. I decided that it would be best if I decided to strike the video link as well. The video is just as much a trick to get people to check out the cos-play-porn site. This is bad. Both that such a thing exists, and that it a part of art is now gone.

It is really odd these days. I might start looking for something, I fully understand if there is a bad site about it. And I don't find a thing. Then I look up Cos-Play and find it. I guess they thought the French Maid was getting old. If you have ever been to France, you would agree. If you knock on the wrong door, you might get an old woman dressed in nothing, answering the door. This image will be burned into your mind forever.

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