Saturday, April 22, 2006

I love Zelda. This site was just reinstated. It was originally for a game made 7 years ago. Just a fan blog for Zelda.

At this moment, the Nintendo DS seems to be making the funnest games. The creators find so many cool ideas.

If I had the money, I would get this for the Leth Child. I wish there was one build for me. Only the cameras are aimed differently. I would live in my pod, and destroy worlds.

This idea, is something I have been waiting for. Most bath tubs are not built for 6 Foot 3 Inch 250 Pound people. Most especially if that is a healthy weight for me to have.
"Come on Lardo, time to go on a diet."
"I did go on a diet, and an excercise regime. I gained weight."
More muscle during that time. I excercise a lot, it is pretty easy. I am a pacer. I pace for several miles every day. My mind travels much farther then I do.

Anyway, I would love to sit in a bathtub and not decide what needs to be wet. Most tubs are built for people half my size. In highschoool, I would buy the biggest shorts I could find. They would look like Short Shorts on me. My friends understood. When I moved to Phoenix I discovered the Big and Tall store. I love that place. I actually hugged people in it. At no point did it seem like I was about to crush a mere mortal. No, it was the hug of equals.
I go to basketball games just to feel short.

In my hometown in Idaho, I was the biggest kid in my highschool. I was in Junior High.

So yeah, I want that bathtub.

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