Thursday, April 20, 2006

I have found a ton of links today. To the point that I can only do some small commentary on each.

First up is the Scarpar. Not a skateboard, a tankboard. All terrain, motorized boarding. The video proves it.

Next up is an interview with the guys from Penny Arcade. They have a convention for videogame fans in Seattle. I hope they let the guy in the closet come. He has been leveling up the character for a while.

Then the Aquapub. I realize that this might be an actual product. But I keep on trying to figure out which model goes to which. We have underwater shots, and over water shots. But it seems like its not the same people. Or swimsuits anyway.

Keeping up with Sports, we have Golden Balls. These special balls are built just for the World Cup. Cross Country balls are made of steel by the way.
When ever some one on my team was slowing down, the onlookers would yell, "Whats the matter, being wayed down?"

Speaking of being in the middle of no where, with 30 people talking about there lives.
" I was a jung German child. One day my father was talking with some one. I never saw this persons face. I only knew my father was worried. The next day as I came home from play. Our entire house erupted into fire. I came to America to live with Relatives."
The story goes on. I can get people to cry from it. It was made up in cross country practice. To this day I can get people convinced it is true. Even if I tell them I grew up in the Northwest.
"Was it near Hamburg?"

Oh yeah, the Alternate Reality Games thing can be fun. But you have to be willing to understand its a game. It can take your life and replace it with a game. Which is pretty sad.

Anyway, if you have ever carried a camera, you would know that batteries are big. Not just important, they can take up a lot of weight. Recharging them is just as annoying. So this is big. Having to move a camera with a cord on it can be quite difficult.

If the Tankboard is not your style, try this. I was once hit by a motorhome, ended up in a wheelchair for a while. So trust me when I say 'This baby would have made it through anything.' Though I don't think I could do the lean back and relax position as easily.
An odd thought here. But it seems that I had a lot of people that wanted to push my chair. It was nice of them. But I could keep up quite well with out. They would end up sending my wheel chair flying. I got to admit. They are right. Its much funner to push it. Oh and crutches suck. Unless you know how to do gymnastic tricks. Then your Mom freaks out.

The Foam Factory looks to be fun. I could make foam, cover my room with it. People say I need a foam room anyway. I could also make it so that my sister could not longer injure herself.
She doesn't actually get injured. But she keeps wanting the attention. I keep telling her that crutches really are not that fun. But Foam Factory would liven up anyones mood. Just hook that baby to the top of the house. Color the foam. Volcano!

This is a cool blog. Cute animals and there incredibly dumb owners. Some where in there is scuba gear for the dog. And the Russian Pig Olympics seems amazing. Not to long ago the USSR fell, and now they have pigs playing Basketball. Will the people not be able to tell the difference between the farmer and the pig.

Smokers are getting artsy. Though I think every bar in the world has something that looks the same.

If you are into reading, this chair would help.

This would help a lot. I could bug a guy, and find out if he had a fever. At the same time. The cool idea for me is this, eventually we will be able to monitor things remotely with out touching them. Then we might be able to control them. Make a chair levitate or something.

I like Transformers. Click on the "Robotic Chair" picture. But I think these artists are missing something important. Not to mention the chair has no ability to take on evil. It may be able to emberass evil. A step in the right direction I guess.

It the Tankchair doesn't work. Take a cooler. The website seems like I could spend hours looking for stuff.

The Lost idea might work. But some sites have gone in the wrong direction. This is why ALG is not mainstream. The usual ALG Sucks.

Speaking of Suck. Oxygen bars where for people that thought everything was polluted. They had no idea that the air was the cleanest it had been in Centuries. But Why tell them that. Sell them Air. I might sell a card with my autograph on it. See what it goes for on E-bay.

The Robotic chairs need work. I think I found the solution. Open Source means anyone can take the program and make something else with it. So if you want to build a giant Robot Buddy. Go for it.

These guys seem to make good arcade units. Since everything has transitioned to the home market, finding arcades has been tough. And people make awful arcade units.

Speaking of special lights and sound effects. A windmill is a great idea. The only problem is that it gets in the way of migratory patterns for birds. Right now, there is no such thing as a perfect plan for ecology. But this looks cool. Most especially when it gets dark and LED lights light up the night with these dervishes.

To keep us looking better, Japan has some special stuff for you. Yes they are real products. I have no idea if people actually buy them.

If you want to look cool with a lazer, try this. It appears the guy is married. Both people are quite lucky. I mean really, he just lit a match on fire, with a lazer.

If that doesn't work out. I would recomend controlling nature it self. The site comes with intructions. I would guess you can get it bigger. Aim some lazers at it. Then send your giant Lego Mech into it. The entire city would be under your control.

If this does not interest you, read a book. I had been looking forward to something like this. I read a lot, and wanted to look Seattle Super Geek while doing it.

Since I am a Seattle Super Geek -with might morphin powers- I guess I should try this.

Most of this stuff came from Gizmodo. So I give them props. The future is both weird and cool mixed together.

And while writing all of this, I downloaded some Power Rangers episodes. Oh that Natsuki. Such a charmer. I actually cried a little when the Pink Ranger learned to smile.

I also read this. Yes it is from a videogame. The game was specially modified so a person could pose characters and give them different clothes. Jeff is one of the funnier ones out there. It also does not have naked characters running around. So yeah, future, weird, Seattle Super Geek. But I don't wear that much black. Or drink cofee. Or act like I some how discovered the Bidet on accident. And I am a nerd.

Such a long point less post.

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