Monday, April 17, 2006

On Sunday I finally figured out some things. The big part is to name my future job, and explain it. There is an unknown amount of jobs in this world. The job market is in a constant flux with jobs becoming useful and others slowly moving away. A good example of this would be a pooper scooper, because of cars this is not a big time job anymore. There certainly are pooper scooper people, but the job is no longer a major employing vehicle.

The crap with my job is that it is so new. It gets to the point that my degree is not offered by any college I know of. My best bet would be to take 3 equivelant degrees and offer my services this way. My future job is that of a modelist. I am not refering to the cat walk -I'm to Sachsy for that- nor am I refering to making a comical character with a computer. Think of the different between a Physician and a Physicist.

A modelist would be a person that tries to recreate something in a computer. A great example would be a falling leaf. We have no way to predict where the falling leaf will land. What can be done, is a leaf can be observed falling. A modelist would take the movements of the leaf and try to copy them over to a computer. With this information, a modelist can take this new model - the physics and information used to copy the movements- and use it in other places. The modelist could take information and create a world for a videogame or a movie and help with the planning of both. This way the physics in the movie will be similar with the game.

I hope to make videogames and movies using the same models. The leaves can be used for some special effect in a movie, and then applied to a game. I think it would be a fun game to attempt to get a leave into a certain place using the enviroment around you. With the more models in real time trying to copy off real world things, we end up with more knowledge.

Another great way to explain this, Videogames and Movies use the same techiniques to tell stories. Final Fantasy 7 used many of the same 'tricks' that where used in Sky Captain. No one has really tried to take the same engine that built final fantasy and use it for movies, with better graphics.

Even more future goals are like this. At the moment we can only observe things. At some point I hope to take atoms and apply them using the same models I have created. A time based system of atoms building something for me, lets say a space station. With the proper information and then the real world results the ability to control the space station with just a computer is quite possible. Far more interesting is that many of these programs will have been through Movies and Videogames as well as science halls.

I don't think anyone has even thought of this kind of career. Which is ok. I don't mind being a camera guy while waiting. I would prefer a director, but a camera guy would pay the bills.

My uncle had a similar experience. He uses computers to plan out supply schedules for construction. At first he did not get any jobs, no one had even heard of that degree. He now works for several different multi-billion dollar contracts. I figure this will be what will happen to me. It was going to happen anyway, a director takes several years to get established enough to make a film.

Right now, I need to figure out what college will accept me and have my degree. Maybe I should contact different companies and tell them what my goals are. They may be able to point me in the right direction. But since Sunday, I have a name and a way to describe my job. I hope the vernacular comes next. I am having a tought time figuring out what to call stuff.

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