Thursday, July 06, 2006

Japanese Robotics will Rule The World!!!

There is no mention of a Gundam in there. Though I figure that will probably be a reference point for most Japanese.

It is interesting to see that robots in Japanese TV shows are simply a means to an end. American and European culture give them the thought of Superiority. Or that some how Man will be wiped out by them.

I do have one problem with this article. Right now there is a concern that our population is declining. This is both true and untrue. The truth is that we are naturally compensating for our means at the moment. So when the Old and Graying die off -no offense to any friends that are old and graying- the population will gain more children. This cycle has been seen from the other end as well.
Our ideas of over population came from the idea that we are having to many babies. Get the idea.

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