Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ghost Houses

It seems my mother hates scary things. She says that they are evil. Yet she allows Ghost Whisperer to be seen every week.
Why you might ask. Because Ghost Whisperer has a happy ending - even though every religion believes that the woman doing this is probably not talking to the dead. I mean really think about it. A cute little girl is destroying the house she once lived in. And then shows up all happy. It is incredibly stupid to think that this woman is helping anyone by speaking for the dead. Especially if these dead want to terrorize. Not very nice dead I would think. Who would want to talk to those Gits. They torture others until this woman shows up. Then everything ends happily. Yeah right.

And this is the funny part. I watch shows about similar subjects, only they say it is a bad idea. And my mom calls them evil. Which is more evil. A tale saying "This is a really bad idea!" or a show that says, "The Demons just want to be loved!"

Even funnier is that my parents now say that we can't watch The Simpsons, but we can watch a show about a woman talking to Demons. Why can't we watch The Simpsons? They say the show brings a bad influence.

It is an incredible trick really. There are other shows on the same subject. Yet they usually have creepy endings. Because the show has a happy ending, people think it is ok to watch.

There is no imagination. This is not Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings this is a lady who talks to Demons. A big difference. This isn't even Teh Sixth Sense, the only person being bothered by the dead is the little boy. No one else sees or senses them. And the reality is that most are very nice, just cofused. The Ghosts in The Ghost Whisperer purposefully harm peoples lives. They try to scare off, or kill, anyone that gets in there way. There is even one about a guy being tortured by a demon.
The shows end happily so they must be ok. There for I can't watch a scary movie - this means satanism- but I can watch a woman conjuring up the dead and speaking for them.

In other news, I happen to really like Haloween. I have liked it since I was a kid. And the whole scary stuff is part of the fun. So Ghost Houses and such are a lot of fun. I was looking forward to watching some scary movies and talking about Wether or not my old High School is haunted. But I try to stay away from the bad stuff as best I can. So this whole Ghost Whisperer thing is causing a downer.

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