Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Opinions on Videogames

Lets get the easy stuff out of the way first.

Here is a good list -pictures included- of every system ever released. I will admit that I have wanted to play a game from just about every one of them.
The oddest thing I notice is that the list shrinks as the generations go by. The shortest was this generation with 4 systems. And then next generation will have 3.
Sony wants to have its system being used as a computer as well. And I don't think that Microsoft or Nintendo will not be using computers. Are all of our systems slowly becoming computers that also play games?

On to the tougher part. I will just post the link. There is a lot to talk about. And I am tired so I will talk about it later.

I found an article about Modelism. It is about half way down. And yes, most predictive statements for complex systems should be considered a joke.
This whole global warming thing is the reason why I want to be a modelist. I saw some of the models and then looked at some of my videogames. The question on why no one has released these models for testing came to mind. Then I realized that no one had thought of it.

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