Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I grew up in Idaho

WHERE AS the state of Idaho is one of the coolest states of all times.
WHERE AS Jared Hess represented growing up in Idaho perfectly.
WHERE AS Tater Tots really are tasty, most especially when made fresh 10 miles away.
WHERE AS Idaho has received much acclaim because of Jared Hess’ movie.
WHERE AS I have baked a cake to say hello to girls
WHERE AS This was not the only thing on the list.
WHERE AS If you want to complain about my home state, I would recommend looking at your own and seeing if its better.
WHERE AS TV was invented by an Idahoan.
WHERE AS Idaho actually doesn’t mean anything. It was a made up name for a boat that eventually became the states name
WHERE AS The capital of Idaho was originally Caldwell. The Governor left for some fishing and ran away to Boise.
WHERE AS Boise was quickly named the State capital.
WHERE AS I really liked my highschool cafeteria. They served all sorts of food.
WHERE AS The people of Warshington speak way to freaking fast.
WHERE AS A head nod can be an entire conversation.
WHERE AS We have weeks taken off for hunting season.
WHERE AS The line “Hey Lets shoot something.” Will not be seen as adverse to the school climate.
WHERE AS The teachers might join the students in shooting.
WHERE AS Most Special Forces units have some connection to Idaho.
WHERE AS We would play hide and go seek in a flat open field.
WHERE AS I have to get back to class.
WHERE AS If there needs to be any big laws with in Idaho, Very likely it won't do much good.
WHERE AS If the unlawful are surrounded by other unlawful then we must figure out a way to get them away from each other
WHERE AS the other option is to discover how much ammo the unlwaful really have.
WHERE AS this would mean less fishing.
WHERE AS if there is an unlawful and we make mention of him/her and his/her deeds, the people of Idaho will take care of Him/Her for us.

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