Friday, May 12, 2006

E3 has a winner

It should be pointed out that Nintendo always gets top spots. The game creators enjoy showing games and talking about making them. This particular one had Miyamoto playing a symphony and a tennis game. The thing you here out of Iwata and Miyamotos mouth is laughter. They enjoy making fun games. The game creators made sure to show that they where playing the game while presenting it. Some of the graphics where not so great. It was later discovered that one of these games was playing on an old Gamecube system, it was specially modified for the controller.
Nintendo had another conference. It showed the new Super Smash Bros. game. This and one other game was not playable at the Nintendo Booth. All the others where there. It was actually surprising. Nintendo let the games speak for themselves, and didn't even talk about most of the games coming out this year. Even if the game was big news it was not talked about. Like the new Super Mario Platformer for Gamecube.

Sony had a great show. Lots of speaches, but there was some cool parts. They have some cool stuff for the Eye toy coming out. It was a card game that had rendered characters. You showed the cards, the eyetoy would read the bar code on it, and a character would be displayed on screen over the card. If you tapped the card the character would fight. They also showed a nice version of Gran Turismo. The biggest news was the new controller design. It was a regular PS2 controller with an accelerometer in it. This meant you could control a game by just moving the controller. It was very obviously copying Nintendo. Really though, they saw a good idea and used it. The presentation of Warhawk with the controller was intriguing. On the other hand, they said the number $599 for PS3.

The Microsoft show was pretty much the most organized. They showed some amazing games and proved they where still in power. By this weird coincidence, A super bloody first person shooter was shown, and then a cute and lovable game about pinatas. They showed both Xbox 360 and PC games, the big ones being Fable 2 and Crysis. Crysis was very beautiful. Bill Gates made an appearence, and announced that the PC, Xbox360, and cell phones will all be connectable. There will be an online version for PC of what Xbox360 now has. So the ability to downloade games through Windows Vista is intriguing. And Grand Theft Auto 4 will be released for the Xbox 360 first. Once again, GTA, Bloody Super Real FPS, and a Pinata game. Oh and Halo 3 was shown.

So it was a toss up between the Microsoft and Nintendo shows. The thing that gave Nintendo the edge was how they kept presenting right onto the booths. And the presentation was the games them selves.

An honorable mention goes out to Will Wright with his Spore game. He had special guest Robyn Williams. Thats right folks Spore was presented. Man I am looking forward to that game.

Added note:
I hope to someday work with Mr. Williams. He is one of the greatest comedians that has ever lived. That would be a cool movie, Spore starring Robyn Williams.

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